Dining with the Senses Featuring The Lion King

Dining with the Senses returns this August to Tokyo Disney Resort featuring a full course menu inspired by The Lion King.

Are you familiar with Dining with the Senses? The unique entertainment program invites guests to enjoy a themed full course meal while wearing eye masks, heightening other senses and imagination. The eye masks allow you to catch the magic presented by special ‘Magical Chefs’ who guide you into the world of Disney movies.

The fourth such event will take place in August 2016 with an experience featuring The Lion King. Magical Chefs will guide guests to the Pride Lands and present a menu inspired by the vast natural setting.

Dining with the Senses Tokyo Disney Resort

Dining with the Senses featuring the Lion King will be held on select days in August at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. The limited time program is only available to guests 20 and older, so be sure to check out this unique meal experience!

It should be noted that Dining with the Senses is presented in Japanese only, and making reservations for the program is only available on Japanese language convenience store ticket kiosks or online.

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