Join me and travel to all the Disney Parks in Asia!

Hey, Explorers, I’m thrilled to announce a special trip that I’ll be doing with Exclusive Travel Partners. Join me, David, from Exclusive Travel Partners, and other Disney Fans on a 2-week exploration in May 2018 of all the Disney Parks in Asia (Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Shanghai Disney Resort)!

  • Full details (including pricing)
  • Prices are in USD but anyone from around the world can join

This is an exciting opportunity and I am beyond ecstatic to show you around all the Disney Parks here in Asia. It’ll be a trip of a lifetime and you’ll have me there to show you everything to know!

If you’d like to register or have any questions send an email to David and tell him that Chris sent you, he’ll know what you’re talking about 😉

[email protected]

Don’t miss the chance to watch me stuff my face across Asia 🤤



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  1. Neon Starlight

    HOLY @#$^!! This is basically a dream trip come true, but there is no way I’ll be able to afford it by May. I’m literally leaving in a little over a week to go to Tokyo for a month, so it’s going to be awhile…do you think this is something you’ll start doing regularly? Because I could definitely save up, just…not right now.

  2. Neon Starlight

    I hope it goes so awesome! Also, just thank you so much for your page and videos…I can’t even tell you how much help it has been in easing my anxiety for planning my trip!! We’ll be there Oct. 24-26 and I’m so excited!!!!

  3. Theresa Brewer

    Oh dang Just got back in May doing all 4 parks- wish I could do it again- hopefully next time! You’re articles are always so enjoyable and fun to read! Thanks!

  4. Mike

    Omg!!!! Please please please do this in 2019! Can’t do 2018 now, if this had been announced a month or so ago maybe but now can’t do 2018. I’m begging you to do this in 2019 also and I’ll put my name down!

  5. Beth Chang

    Keep that itinerary, but maybe have different dates?? Would love to go, but would hate to miss last 2 weeks of school session.

  6. Beatrice

    Wow this would be it dream come true to go I love Disney would love to know how much the trip would cost🏰👑❤🌹🎢❤

  7. Martin Hernandez

    I would be interested to hear how the trip went . I just happened upon your site and thought this was a great idea. I would totally be up for doing something like this.

  8. Jennifer Mackie

    Just recently found your youtube and all your adventures look amazing! I live in Scotland and it would be a dream to do this, just wondering if you think you would be doing more trips like this and if so how you would announce it?

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