Disneyland 2011 – Hosted By Duffy – Day Three ( Remember … Dreams Come True)

Good day and welcome to the last day of our trip to Disneyland! My name is Duffy the Disney Bear and I will be taking you through our last full day in the Happiest Place on Earth! Chris One mentioned something about helping me write this final part of the report but I insisted that I didn’t need any help! Let’s being shall we?

Today we get to meet my big brother!

Also get to enter the Grid once again!

Once again I woke up before both of the Chris’. When they finally woke up we all decided that we enjoyed the Carnation Cafe so much the day before that we would have breakfast there once more! We arrived right as the park opened and we didn’t race everyone to the attractions but we went right to the Cafe to beat the line up!

French Toast! Extremely Delicious!

Chris One shared his French Toast with Cream Cheese Frosting, and it was absolutely fantastic! It was a taste bud overload. While waiting for the guys to finished eating their breakfast I took some photos of random things around our table. Being a small bear we don’t have to eat very much.

All of us wanted to ride Space Mountain, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion one last time for our trip. We rode them all and had a blast doing so. I was a bit sad knowing that I won’t be riding them for a while. Once we did those we did a little window shopping. Chris One and Two wanted to look at things they wanted so no time would be wasted when we bought everything at the end of the day. Chris One was looking at a fancy new iPad Case that had my best friend on the cover! Chris Two was looking at clothes for his adorable son! It was rather relaxing just looking at all the shops.

Mickey coming down Main Street!

After we went and hung out in Toon Town for a bit and took some photos. My best friend likes to have his picture in hidden places everywhere. He’s so silly. I should see if I can hide pictures of me around the parks for people to find!

Mickey's Toontown!

One of the not so hidden Mickey's

Sadly Pluto wasn't home this morning.

It was about 10am and we headed over to California Adventure to ride Soarin’, but once again I had to go into the backpack and under the seat, so I never did get to see much. But I did smell oranges and pine trees. One of these days I’ll be big enough to sit in the seats!

It was now time for lunch. Chris Two was craving hot dogs and there’s nothing better than Award Wieners! Chris Two swears that the birds in the area had it out for him. They were diving near his head the entire time we were eating. It was rather hilarious.


Duffy the Disney Bear!

Now it was time to go and visit my big brother in Paradise Pier! Chris One was very excited to do so. When my big brother came up to us he was very happy to see me! He’s a bear of very few words so he gave me a kiss on the nose, typical. After the photos he whispered to Chris One to take good care of me. I’m a little brother I hear everything. I told my big brother that I would be back very soon to visit him.

After visiting both of the Chris’ wanted to head on Grizzly Rapids. I requested that I be put into the backpack again. I’m not a fan of wet fur. I could hear them yelling and screaming as they all got wet and I was perfectly dry in the backpack. I overheard them saying that Chris One was the driest of them all near the end. Then all of a sudden the geyser went and completely soaked Chris One head to toe. He went from the driest to the wettest.

Thankfully it was a nice hot day out. Both Chris’ decided to walk around a bit so they could at least dry off a tiny bit. They tried to stay in the sun as much as they could.

Once they were dry we all headed to the Blue Sky Cellar to check out what Disney has in store for Cars Land and the new Little Mermaid attraction. While looking at the displays I noticed something …..

Hidden Paint Mickey

I found my twin!

We watched a movie about the new Cars Land and Little Mermaid Attraction. I cannot wait to come back and visit them. They look like so much fun.

Next up was shopping time! Chris and Chris both stocked up on items. Chris One bought a new iPad case, Vinylmations, and of course Pins. Chris Two got some clothes and other random Disney items. Once they were finished giving their next pay cheque to Disney they met up with their friend Jerry and headed for supper at the Taste Pilot’s Grill in California Adventure. I must say I’m a big fan of their burgers, if you want a good burger then make sure to head here!

Once we finished our delicious supper it was time for Jerry to head out. We told him we’d make sure to visit when were back! Next up was elecTRONica once again. This time we have video while we were enjoying our time in The Grid!

Flynn's Arcade

The End of Line Club!

Programs sure know how to dance!

Before we got our spots for the fireworks we decided to hit up a few more attractions!

Spooky at night!

To cap off our wonderful trip to Disneyland we found a perfect spot in the middle of Main Street for the Remember … Dreams Come True fireworks! They were absolutely stunning, it was my first time seeing fireworks and I must say this was probably my favorite part of the entire trip! To top it all off I got to spend it with my two best friends Chris and Chris!

Perfect way to end our visit!

I was sad that our trip was over and we were heading home the next day. But I now have some of the best memories and I know we will be back soon! Thank you to Chris and Chris who brought me on their trip to celebrate Chris Two’s Birthday. It was a blast and I cannot wait to go back!

See you next time!

Thank you all for reading this very special trip report. It was my first one and I was super nervous.

Until next time everyone, remember … dreams do come true!

After a wonderful visit it's time to get some sleep.

Your Best Friend
Duffy the Disney Bear



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