Disneyland Resort 2011 Edition Pre-Trip Report


EDIT: Tons of people have been searching for Disneyland photos. You can find all Disneyland photos I’ve taken on Flickr.

We are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow! This will be my second trip (my first was back in September 2010) and my best friend’s third trip. He hasn’t been there since about 1998 so it will be a whole new experience this time around. His birthday is in a couple of days so we’re going to be celebrating it in the parks. Will have to make sure to pick him up a button from Town Hall.

It’s extremely cold here in Saskatchewan right now (about -42F with the wind). I’ll be glad to be out of this weather for the rest of the week!

I made up our plan for the three days we’re going to be spending at the parks. We have almost a full day where we aren’t doing the parks. Just going to play it by ear on what we do that day.

The one thing I want to do for sure is taking various pictures of my Duffy bear around both parks. He’s going to be the narrator for our trip report! Will also have to get a photo with him and the real Duffy in CA!

I also made myself a promise that I will treat myself to snacks that I want! Last time I was very tight for money so I only bought meals and no tasty snacks. I may go into a sugar coma by the end of this!

Day 1 – Downtown Disney (March 2nd)

We arrive in LAX around 2 pm, we will grab the bus to Disneyland Resort and when we arrive we have to walk a couple blocks north to our Hotel! We got a pretty decent rate, we’re staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Anaheim. Since we aren’t going to any of the parks that day we’ll probably check out Downtown Disney for a while and possibly head down to Huntington Beach or up to Fullerton. I’ve never been in the Ocean before so that might play into our decision. Flew over it many times but never actually put even my toes in it.

Day 2 – Disneyland (March 3rd)

We plan on doing World of Color that night in CA since it’s the only show that’s playing in the two parks that day. We purchased the picnic package so we don’t have to wait in line for the Fast Passes. We are going to spend the entire day in Disneyland.

Mainly will hit up all the attractions and try and get a few pictures with Characters. The ones I’ll have to do for sure are Space Mountain, Pirates, Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, and Haunted Mansion! My friend is a huge Star Wars nerd so we’ll have to watch the Jedi Academy show at some point.

We’ll have to go to CA, probably for lunch or early supper, and pick up our Picnic Package and tickets for World of Color. Depending on what the time is and if we got everything we wanted to be done in Disneyland we may just stay in CA until the show.

Day 3 – California Adventure (March 4th)

Start the day off probably with a bang, get our blood flowing with either California Screamin’ or Hollywood Tower of Terror. Last time California Screamin’ was down the entire day I was there and I was too scared to ride TTT myself. I need someone or something to hold onto when I’m on that ride and I didn’t feel like grabbing a complete stranger! I really dislike the falling feeling but….I do it anyway.

Will have to check out the Aladdin show since it too was closed last time I was there.

Will have to check out elecTRONica that night, I’m a big electronic music fan so I think it’ll be a lot of fun. We might head to Disneyland to see Fantasmic! as well. We will see how the night goes.

Day 4 – The Best Of Disneyland Resort 2011 Edition

Whatever we want to do between the two parks we will do! It’s the BEST OF DISNEYLAND DAY! I can tell you right now I will be riding Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. No way I’m leaving without doing those one last time! Hard to say exactly what we’ll do but I know it’ll be damned fun.

To top it all off we are going to see “Remember … Dream Come True” that evening. I think it’s the perfect way to end our stay!

I’m extremely excited for this trip and I know it’s going to be a ton of fun! I’ll update this with my actual trip report when we get back. I’ll have TONS of video and photos to share with you all. Our good friend Duffy will be the narrator of this special trip report.

Stay Tuned!

P.S. Duffy and I are READY TO GO!

Duffy is packed and ready for Disneyland!

Duffy is packed and ready for Disneyland!


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