Delicious Food for Disney’s Easter at Tokyo DisneySea

Disney’s Easter starts April 2nd at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. As with every event, there is a wide range of delicious (and adorable) food to eat. Let’s take a look at the food available at Tokyo DisneySea for Disney’s Easter 2015. Be sure to check out all the merchandise available at Tokyo Disney Resort too!

All photos and information from the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Desserts & Snacks

Macaroon Disney's Easter 2015 Tokyo DisneySea

Macaroons (Chocolate Ganache) for ¥380. Available at both American Waterfront Food Wagon and Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery


Unlike Tokyo Disneyland, alcohol is readily available at DisneySea. Here are two made specially for Easter.

Sailing Day Buffet

We highly recommend this buffet, as it is one of the best at the resort! With the added Easter themed food, there is no reason to not go.



Children from 7 – 12 years old


Children from 4 – 6 years old


Sailing Day Buffet Disney's Easter 2015 Tokyo DisneySea

Sailing Day Buffet

Special Sets

Select restaurants in DisneySea have special Easter sets available for a limited time.

Sakura Restaurant

Available for ¥2,880 which includes:

  • Main dish with assorted Red Fish and Orange Smoked Duck
  • Shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with Miso Cream
  • Tempura snow crab, shrimp, pumpkin, eggplant
  • Seasonal small bowl
  • Bamboo shoot rice
  • Miso soup
  • Panna Cotta
Sakura Special Set Disney's Easter 2015 Tokyo DisneySea

Sakura Special Set

S.S. Colombia Dining Room

  • Special lunch course:¥3,390 – ¥5,000
  • Special Dinner Course:¥4,110 – ¥5,350
  • Marinated Seafood or White Asparagus Cream Soup
  • Roast Beef with a Sweet Sour Ginger Sauce or Roast Beef and lobster baked with Sweet Sour Ginger Sauce
  • Bread
  • Choice of 2 Glass Desserts:
    • Chocolate Brownie and Cookie Crunch
    • Mix Berry Trifle
    • Raspberry and Lychee Jelly
    • Orange Sherbet and Lemon Jelly
  • Soft Drink

New York Deli

  • ¥ 1,070
  • Deli plate
  • Bread
  • French fries
  • Soft Drink (change to beer for an extra ¥ 340)
Meat Platter New York Deli Disney's Easter 2015 Tokyo DisneySea

Deli Platter at the New York Deli

Cape Cod Cook-Off

  • ¥ 1,020
  • Caponata & Arugula Burger
  • French fries
  • Soft Drink
Caponata & Arugula Burger Disney's Easter 2015 Tokyo DisneySea

Caponata & Arugula Burger


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