Disney’s Easter Merchandise at Tokyo DisneySea

It cannot be a new event at Tokyo DisneySea without new merchandise. Let’s take a look at all the beautifully coloured merchandise that is available for Disney’s Easter 2015. Available April 1st, 2015.

All photos and information are from the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Stuffed Badges

These will be a hot item this year, with the new costumes for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy. How can you not love Donald’s new hat?

Mickey Stuffed Badge

Mickey Stuffed Badge ¥1,600

Minnie Stuffed Badge

Minnie Stuffed Badge ¥1,600

Donald Stuffed Badge

Donald Stuffed Badge ¥1,600

Daisy Stuffed Badge

Daisy Stuffed Badge ¥1,600


We all need new Mickey Ears don’t we? Or an Easter Bonnet. Also the matching iPhone case too!

Mickey Headband

Mickey Headband ¥1,600

Minnie Headband

Minnie Headband ¥1,600

Earrings Set

Earrings Set ¥2,000

Mini Towel

Mini Towel ¥1,000

Bath Towel

Bath Towel ¥3,300


Bonnet ¥3,200

iPhone Case

iPhone Case ¥2,900


Everyone knows that pasta and chocolate totally go together!


Pasta with Tin ¥1,050

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies ¥1,600


Dacquoise ¥1,300

Everything Else

From lip balm to letter sets. Seriously, if you cannot find something you like, I would be very surprised!




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