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Journeys With Duffy Your Friend Forever

Duffy the Disney Bear is celebrating his 10th Anniversary at Tokyo DisneySea! From July 3rd, 2015 to March 18th, 2016 guests can enjoy limited merchandise, snacks, decorations, and greetings with their favourite Disney Bear (do not forget Shellie May and Gelatoni). All information is on the official Duffy website (in Japanese).


10th Anniversary Duffy Costume Voting Results Part Three

As with any celebration, limited goods are available for guests to get their hands on. Most notably three costumes from the Duffy catalogue for guests to purchase if they missed them in the past. The three costumes were selected by an online vote back in late 2014.


Limited Menu Items for Duffys 10th Anniversary Including Popcorn Bucket

Following the limited merchandise, comes limited menu within Cape Cod! Choose from delicious desserts and limited edition souvenir cups. Most notably is the Popcorn Bucket (for humans) and a Duffy sized popcorn bucket for your Duffy to wear!


Duffy and Shellie May receive new costumes for the anniversary. Guests are able to get their photos taken with their favourite Disney Bears!

Please note that Duffy and Shellie May are in different locations within Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Duffy: Cape Cod
  • Shellie May: American Waterfront Park


Various decorations throughout Cape Cod for the anniversary. A brand new Duffy Statue now accompanies Mickey in Cape Cod.

Journeys With Duffy Your Friend Forever Statue Tokyo DisneySea

Log Book

Thought the anniversary Mickey will reveal pages in his “log book”. Telling a story about Duffy, the story will take place in a specific location at Tokyo DisneySea. These revealed locations are where guests can take special photos of their Duffy! Dress up your Duffy in his favourite outfit and start taking photos.