Duffy and Friends From All of Us Event at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced a special event, Duffy and Friends From All of Us that includes exclusive merchandise as well as limited-time food and beverages. The event will take place at DisneySea from April 10, 2023 (Monday) until March 31, 2024 (Sunday).

Let’s take a look at this limited-time event!

Duffy & Friends from All of Us

© Disney

Duffy and his friends hear that Mickey is going on a long voyage.
“I won’t be able to see you for a while, so I want to do something fun together.”
“Hey hey, how about having a meet and greet?”

At Cookie Ann’s suggestion, we decided to get together on the day we were to leave.
Duffy is looking for presents to give Mickey something important to make his voyage successful.

Finally the day of departure.
Everyone has been restless since morning.
Said Stella Lou happily, “Look! I brought you a twinkling star!”
And so said Gelatoni, “I’ll give you a palette to paint on the ship!”

It seems that each of them brought something important for Mickey.
“Wow, that’s amazing! Everyone was thinking the same thing.”
“But if there are so many, why not lose them?”

Duffy got a little worried.
“Well then, let’s connect them all together.”
“Very nice! Let’s hang it on the ship.”

Everyone’s big thanks to Reena Bell and ShellieMay’s ideas!
One gift was completed by connecting what everyone brought.

“Done! I hope you like it, Mickey!”

Duffy and Friends From All of Us Story


Starting April 15, 2023, visitors to Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea will be greeted by a garland crafted by Duffy & Friends. The decorations will feature artwork of the characters and other items that remind them of Mickey Mouse. Additionally, a sign wishing Mickey a safe voyage will accompany the display.

© Disney


Brand-new merchandise is an essential part of any Duffy event. Starting April 10, 2023, Duffy and Friends From All of Us merchandise will be exclusively sold at McDuck’s Department Store, located in the American Waterfront section of the park. The collection includes plush keychains, plush toy costumes, a Duffy headband, tote bags and smartphone rings. Available while supplies last.

Food and Beverage

From April 10, 2023, Cape Cod Cookoff is offering a number of items themed to Duffy and Friends From All of Us with souvenirs including a lunch case, a drink bottle and a souvenir cup. In addition to the offerings in the park, a special Chinese Tea Time will be offered at the Silk Road Garden restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea’s Hotel MiraCosta.

Disney Resort Line Ticket

From April 10, 2023, the Disney Resort Line will offer a Duffy and Friends From All of Us ticket design featuring Duffy and friends throwing a farewell party for Mickey Mouse. The tickets will be available from automatic ticket vending machines at each station.

© Disney

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort

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