Duffy Friend LinaBell Debuts at Hong Kong Disneyland

Duffy The Disney Bear’s new friend LinaBell is set to make her Hong Kong Disneyland debut on September 9, 2022. To celebrate her exciting debut, Hong Kong Disneyland will celebrate with an array of offerings including a meet and greet, exclusive merchandise, special LinaBell-inspired food plus more!

LinaBell made her Disney Parks debut at Shanghai Disneyland in 2021 and will make her Japanese debut at Tokyo DisneySea on September 8, 2022.

The Story of LinaBell

Duffy the Disney Bear met LinaBell when he was lost in the forest following a butterfly. LinaBell suddenly, but masterfully, took out her magnifying glass and started examining “clues” to figure out where Duffy had come from. Thanks to her detective-like talent, Duffy was able to be reunited with Mickey Mouse. Duffy and the rest of their friends are often in awe of her ingenious ways of solving problems.

Leading up to LinaBell’s arrival, fans can go on a scavenger hunt in the park!  On August 26-28, September 2-4, and September 9-11, guests at Hong Kong Disneyland can enjoy gorgeous LinaBell pavement art. Additional activities will include fan chant Instagram filters, digital picture borders, social profile pictures, and LinaBell’s debut in the Mickey and Friends Celebration processional.


The initial release of LinaBell merchandise will be made available exclusively through Hong Kong Disneyland’s online store and will be released in phases. From August 22, 2022, the long-awaited LinaBell Plush can be purchased online. A limited number of 10,000 units are available for pick up on September 9, 2022.


In addition to the LinaBell plush, Hong Kong Disneyland will offer a series of new and exclusive LinaBell-themed merchandise items including LinaBell-themed headbands, plush keychains, bags, accessories plus more. Magic Access members can purchase online from August 25, while the public can purchase their LinaBell goods from September 1. All purchased items will be available for pick up at the park from September 10 onwards.


Additionally, while in the park, guests can purchase a super cute LinaBell-themed popcorn bucket. The bucket features LinaBell with a beautiful orchid tucked in her ear, and is sure to be a must-have item!


Character Greetings

From September 10, LinaBell will join Duffy and his friends on Main Street to meet and greet guests in front of a new butterfly photo backdrop. A Disney Standby pass will be required to meet the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fox.


Food and Beverage

Guests can celebrate LinaBell’s debut with a number of themed food and beverage offerings in the park, including a LinaBell waffle at outdoor vending carts, a LinaBell-themed afternoon tea at Main Street Corner Cafe, and a LinaBell doughnut at the Main Street Bakery.


Guests staying at Disney Explorers Lodge can enjoy a LinaBell-themed afternoon tea at the World of Color Restaurant, which features an exquisite detective LinaBell dessert plate.


LinaBell Photo Pass Bundle

Hong Kong Disneyland will offer an online exclusive “LinaBell Photo Pass Bundle” from August 29, 2022. The bundle features a meet-and-greet experience and a LinaBell plush toy. Guests can have their photo taken with LinaBell and receive a framed photo to remember the moment.


LinaBell Room Decoration Package

From September 9 through December 31, 2022, guests staying at the Hong Kong Disney Resort hotels will be able to further immerse themselves in the world of Linabell with an exclusive LinaBell-themed room overlay. The overlay features four Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive LinaBell-themed items, including a blanket, floor mat, mug, and pillowcase, along with the popular LinaBell Plush and popcorn bucket. The LinaBell Room Decoration Package is priced at $1,615 HKD and is in addition to the cost of accommodation.


Images and Information from Hong Kong Disneyland

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