Duffy Themed Monorail Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in 2016

Starting January 12, 2016, guests can enjoy a Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni-themed monorail until March 25, 2016! This themed monorail shows Duffy and friends along the front, and 3 different designs inside the monorail itself. Each design takes inspiration from Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni. Fluffy seat covers and handles decoratethe entire car.

Duffy Monorail Inside Tokyo Disney Resort

Those handles are adorable!

In addition, a gigantic Duffy (2 metres tall) is on display at the Resort Gateway Station. Last but not least, a Sweet Duffy themed monorail pass is available at all monorail stations. This monorail pass can be exchanged for an exclusive pin.

Sweet Duffy Monorail Pass 2 Metre Stuffed Duffy Tokyo Disney Resort

Duffy fans have quite a bit to look forward to starting this January at Tokyo Disney Resort! How excited are you for this adorably fluffy monorail?

All information and photos from Tokyo Disney Resort Blog.

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