Duffy’s Heartwarming Days 2018 Merchandise & Food

The cold winter months at Tokyo Disney Resort is not complete without a special Duffy event to hold us over until the spring. Duffy’s Heartwarming Days brings adorable merchandise (which isn’t surprising but expected) and food and snacks! The event begins on January 11, until March 19, 2018, at Tokyo DisneySea. Here’s a look at what’s coming!

All photos and information are from the official Duffy and friends website. Read our merchandise page to see what other items are on sale at the parks. It’s the perfect way to budget for your trip.

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days Merchandise

Duffy Heartwarming Days Merchandise © Disney

These items are available from January 8, 2018, at McDucks Department StoreDisney Galleria, and Aunt Peg’s Village Store.

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days Food

Duffy Heartwarming Days Food © Disney

Available from January 8, 2018 – March 19, 2018, at Cape Cod Cook-Off unless otherwise specified.

Cape Cod Cook-Off Special Burger Set: ¥990

© Disney

Set includes:

  • Bacon and Beef Burger
  • Fries
  • Soft Drink

Special Souvenir Lunch Case: ¥960

© Disney

Add ¥960 to the above Special Set to receive this Souvenir Lunch Case.

Also available at Cape Cod Confections and Gondolier Snacks © Disney

Milk Tea Mousse with Special Souvenir Cup: ¥880

© Disney

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse Cake with Special Souvenir Plate: ¥880

© Disney

Hot Italian Chocolate Drink: ¥480

Available at Gondolier Snacks © Disney

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    Hey Chris,

    Is there a place online, or anywhere in Tokyo where one can possibly find
    Duffy and friends heartwarming day outfits? I realize most seasonal merchandise goes away , or sells out at the parks but I’m really interested in getting them.

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