Egg Nog Review

This is the first year that egg nog is offered at Tokyo Disneyland for Christmas Fantasy! Egg nog is non-existent in Japan (unless if you know somewhere to get it, besides Disneyland, please tell us), so upon hearing its arrival I had to give it a try.

Here is our review of the delicious egg nog available at Tokyo Disneyland Park available November 1st to December 25th.

What Is Inside

Egg Nog at Tokyo Disneyland Park

Find the egg nog at Space Port in Tomorrowland!

What you would expect in Egg Nog you will find in their iteration of this holiday classic.

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon


Egg Nog at Tokyo Disneyland Park

Nothing fancy here, just your standard red cup for hot beverages. Maybe, if this catches on they will offer it in a souvenir cup in the future?

How is it?

Egg Nog at Tokyo Disneyland

While it was not as good as I was hoping, it was still a decent attempt. The egg nog that I am used to rich and creamy. This was nice and creamy but the nutmeg and cinnamon were a bit too subtle, which is something you want to be a little overpowering. I had to mix the drink a bit more to get all the ingredients that were stuck to the bottom. This was served hot (as opposed to cold typically), which will be nice for those cold nights while watching Once Upon A Time.

Should You Get It?

While this is not the same egg nog we can get back in North America. It is certainly a good substitute. If you’re itching for some nog then give this a try. But, if you can wait to have it back home you might as well do that, or grab any of their other holiday offerings.

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