How to Get an Exclusive Monorail Pin from Tokyo Disney Resort

If you are Disney pin collector, then you may have heard about the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail Pin. It is pin exclusive to Tokyo Disney Resort and is only obtainable by trading in monorail passes. Each fiscal year, a new pin is issued giving collectors another reason to visit the resort.

Information is available only in Japanese, but luckily you follow us and we will explain it all in English for you!

How To Get the Pin

How to get the Tokyo Disney Resort Liner Pin

Once you have all three monorail passes, you can trade them in for your pin!

The only way to get this pin is by trading in 3 “free pass” monorail tickets at the ticket booth located outside the monorail station in Ikspirari. “Free Pass” means a pass that has unlimited use during its duration. You can use the following tickets:

  • One Day Passes
  • Multi-Day Passes
    • These can be the passes from your hotel stay or vacation package


  • You must exchange 3 separate passes—regardless of their duration—in order to receive the pin.
  • Tickets must be dated between May 1st and March 31st for that year (fiscal year)
    • Example: Tickets dated between May 1st, 2015 to March 31st, 2016 are eligible for the 2015 pin
  • All tickets MUST have different starting dates on them
  • Tickets MUST have been expired
    • Meaning if you bought a 1-day free pass ticket, you can only trade it in after that day
  • Single ride tickets cannot be used
  • You must exchange at the monorail station. The booth is located to the left of the ticket gates in the Ikpsirari entrance.
  • You can keep the passes after the Cast Member punches a tiny hole in the bottom corner of them. They will explain this to you.
Ticket Office for Disney Resort Line

The ticket office is just to the left of the ticket gates at the main entrance in Ikspirari

Ticket Examples

  • Three One-Day Free Pass Tickets
    • April 2nd, 2015
    • May 23rd, 2015
    • May 30th, 2015

How to Ask

If you are wanting to try out your Japanese, then you can say the following to the Cast Member:

  • ピンバッジください
  • peen bah-gee kudasai
  • I would like the pin badge, please

It is that simple, and enjoy your exclusive Tokyo Disney Resort Pin! Have you gotten yours yet? Share your photos in the comments!

Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail Pin Sign

You will see these signs are various spots by the monorail stations

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  • That is amazing. I need it. Now. *schemes*

  • Karen Ang

    Hi, does it means I have to surrender the 3 monorail tickets to the staff?

  • Hello! They give the tickets back to you after they punch a small hole on the bottom corner of them. They will explain it to you in detail. I will add this information to the post! Thank you.

  • heyerite

    If I’m staying at a disney hotel for 4 nights, can I give them my pass on the end of the 3rd day to get this pin? ^^’

  • You need to give them 3 different passes, all with different dates. They also need to be expired.

  • heyerite

    So I don’t get how I would be able to get it 🙁 would the hotel give me a monorail pass for each day or like one pass for my whole stay..

  • So I was able to get the pins, but not easily. Not sure if I misread the instructions but a 3 day multi pass ticket from the machines will NOT get you the pin badges. Not without some good ol’ American insisting, anyway. Lol

  • You have to exchange 3 passes (regardless of their duration) to get the pin. So, you would have to exchange 3 three-day passes to get the pin.

  • Gotcha! I should have skipped to the comments before attempting. Either way, we ended up getting the pins so WOOHOO!

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