Expansion plans reported for Tokyo Disney Resort

Japanese media is again reporting that the Oriental Land Company (OLC), the company which owns and runs Tokyo Disney Resort, is developing expansion plans for one of the resort’s existing parks.

OLC Chairman Toshio Kagami spoke to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper at the opening ceremony of the 35th “Happiest Celebration!”

According to the newspaper’s English-language news site the-Japan-News.com, Kagami said:

“We would like to create a Tokyo Disney Resort that fulfills new dreams. Currently, we are planning the park’s expansion.”

The company said the expansion would not entail a third park.

This latest report is part of a line of investment rumors which started last year. In December 2017, a new park based on Japanese culture was rumored, but only a parking structure was confirmed. Then in February 2018, the Mainichi Shimbun reported that sources at OLC had confirmed that “DisneySky” was under consideration. At the time OLC said that they had not announced anything, but didn’t explicitly deny the rumor.

While we wait for OLC to officially announce their plans, we can stay excited about the upcoming Soarin’ attraction at DisneySea, and the Beauty and the Beast fantasyland expansion opening in 2020.