Explorer’s Club Restaurant Review

The Explorer’s Club Restaurant is a counter service establishment in Mystic Point at Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s an extension of one of my Top 5 Disney attractions in the world — Mystic Manor. It serves up a number of dishes from Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and Southeast Asia. As much as I love little Albert ? (he’s the cute little guy you meet in Mystic Manor), thankfully he isn’t the one who prepares the food. I could only imagine the chaos that would ensue.

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Explorer’s Club Restaurant Atmosphere

China Room Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland

Lord Henry Mystic (who is a member of the renowned Society of Explorers and Adventurers, aka S.E.A.) built the Explorer’s Club to resemble his favourite regions of the world:  China, Russia, Morocco, India, and Egypt. The exterior and interior are in line with Mystic Manor so perfectly it creates a cohesive experience from the attraction that carries through the restaurant.

When you’re in the queue for Mystic Manor (the hallway after you go through turnstiles inside), take note of the large portrait on the right-hand side. It’s the floor plan of the Explorer’s Club Restaurant. Just another example of the incredible attention to detail.

The Collection of Lord Henry Mystic Hong Kong Disneyland

Pay attention in the queue for Mystic Manor and you’ll notice the floor plan for the restaurant

The restaurant has ample room throughout the 5 dining areas. The sheer amount of detail in each of these rooms is astounding. I recommend eating first then soaking in all the detail so your food doesn’t get cold (not that I have done that before or anything). Each room has artifacts that Lord Henry Mystic brought back from the various regions during his explorations.

The most beautiful of the dining rooms is the Chinese Room, with its red and gold colours and a beautiful jade sculpture in the middle. It’s also one of the more popular rooms to dine in. My favourite, however, is the Russian Room, with the beautiful ceramic tiles. The Indian Room is another popular room, with its wooden carvings and crystal chandeliers.

Russia Room Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland


The airy Moroccan Room is the least-themed of the dining rooms but has air flow from the outdoors, which is a good or bad thing depending on the time of the year. Then the adjacent Egyptian Room can be found tucked away in the corner with a few artifacts here and there (I’ve never seen it open all the times I have dined there).

Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland Chairs

The entryway has a large number of artifacts on the wall, and according to the official website has tribal masks from the Adventures Club at Walt Disney World. The way the story continues from Mystic Manor into the Explorer’s Club Restaurant shows the amount of effort and thoughtfulness that went into this entire area.

Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland Entry

You’ll find the full story behind on the Explorer’s Club Restaurant here.

Explorer’s Club Restaurant Food

Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland

Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs. Use your meal voucher from Klook to save yourself money!

The Explorer’s Club Restaurant offers four different types of cuisine to choose from: Indonesian, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Japanese. Every meal I’ve had here has never disappointed.

My absolute favourites are the Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle Soup and the Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs. The Korean deep-fried Chicken is also a winner. I am a huge fan of the Fuze Tea (sweet tea or iced tea depending where you’re from) and is my favourite drink at the park.

I recommend using your meal voucher from Klook ($HK88 or $11USD) to save yourself money (use promo code KLKTDREX for $4USD off your first order).

Here’s a quick breakdown of meal combo costs (includes a drink):

  • Most Expensive: $HK139 ($18USD)
  • Cheapest: $HK119 ($15USD)

You’ll save about $4 to $7USD by using the voucher for a single meal combo. Remember, with the meal voucher you’ll also get a frozen treat or popcorn from a vending cart, which leads to more savings.

Korean Deep-fried Chicken Explorers Club Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland

Korean Deep-fried Chicken ?

Chicken Satay at Explorer's Club Restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland

Chicken Satay

The servings are large, which means you’re able to share a meal between two people if you don’t eat that much. For myself, it’s perfect and leaves me full. If you’re a bit more of an explorer with your food choices, then you’ll love the various offerings.

One thing to note is the meat used in the dishes here are Halal (according to the official website).

Recommendations & Tips

Maximize your experience at Explorer’s Club Restaurant by following our recommendations and tips:

  • Use your Hong Kong Disneyland Meal Voucher here
  • Portion sizes are big and can be shared between two people easily
  • The China and India rooms are the most popular (aka most busy)
  • The Morocco room is hot during the summer and fall months since it’s not completely indoors
  • Use the plastic food displays outside to see if there’s anything you’d like
  • My favourite is the Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs & Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle Soup
  • Always get the Fuze Tea ?

Explorer’s Club Restaurant Verdict

Explorer's Club Restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland

The Explorer’s Club Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants at Hong Kong Disneyland and the best quick service in the park. The sheer amount of thought and detail that went into the cohesiveness of the attraction and restaurant is perfectly executed.

The variety of the food choices is perfect for anyone in the mood for exotic cuisine (aka not burgers and fries). This is the perfect place to refuel after your 10th or 20th ride on Mystic Manor for the day. You’ll need to keep your energy up. (Not that I have done that or anything).

Exquisite decor, atmosphere, and food make for a fantastic dining experience for the senses.

Explorer Thoughts

What’s your favourite dish at this restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. SweetCaroline74

    I loved this restaurant! It’s gorgeous and the food choices are right up my alley 🙂 I tried an Indonesian dish (the Nasi Goreng, I believe) and while it wasn’t as tasty as I expected, we loved our dining experience there and would gladly go back to try everything else! Great. Now I miss HKDL… thx Chris… 😉

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