Fluffy & Adorable StellaLou Poster in Tokyo for Limited Time

If you’re a fan of StellaLou (a new friend of Duffy the Disney Bear) and in Tokyo in the next week, then you’ll have to stop over at Omotesando Station (near Harajuku). Now until May 28, 2017, there’s a large fluffy and adorable StellaLou poster lining the wall in the metro station. Yes, you read that right, it’s fluffy!

I can confirm that the wall is adorable and fluffy, it’s just as soft as the StellaLou plush. What surprised me was how clean the poster/wall was. Let’s face it, with tons of people touching it’ll get dirty. That’s probably why it’s for a limited time to avoid the need to clean it.

Either way, it’s a cute and clever way to advertise the newest friend of Duffy the Disney Bear. If you’re in Tokyo before May 28, make sure you go and check it out. If you’re unable to see in person, don’t worry, I took photos and video (YouTube & Instagram) for you to enjoy!

StellaLou Fluffy Poster Tokyo Omotesando Station StellaLou Fluffy Poster Tokyo Omotesando Station Front

How to find it

It’s not the easiest to find, but if you ask a staff member at any of the ticket gates in Omotesando Station (just show them a photo from this post), they can point you in the right direction.

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