Follow the Grand Opening of Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disneyland officially opens June 16, 2016, and TDRExplorer will be on the ground for the first days of operation! Expect photos, videos, and our first impressions of the first Disney Park to open in Mainland China. Keep yourself locked to our Twitter and Facebook page for the latest updates.

In addition to live updates, we will give longer form updates throughout the week on!

If there’s anything you’d like us to cover let us know in the comments! If any of you are at the park for the grand opening, make sure you say “Hello”!

Feature photo by Eric.



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  1. Mike Leong

    I’m interested in seeing photos of the pins, hats, popcorn buckets, and souvenir cups/mugs. Is there a train going around the park?

  2. Jennifer Dore

    I’m also interested in the popcorn buckets along with Guide Maps and shopping bags. Looking forward to all the updates.

  3. Charlene McNutt

    Could you you be so kind to check the bathrooms? Are they themed like the ones in Disneyland Resort in California? If so, could you post some “potty pix”? I would also love a map if it’s possible. I happen to live in Japan 🙂 I’m so excited for you for being there and wait anxiously for your trip report when you get back. Thanks!!!

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