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Guide to Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy 2017 at Tokyo Disneyland

Frozen Fantasy is back again this year at Tokyo Disneyland beginning January 13 and running until March 17, 2017! Themed to the massive hit film Frozen, there’s plenty to do, eat, and buy this winter at Tokyo Disneyland.

Our full guide gives you tips, advice, and a breakdown of Frozen Fantasy!

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy World Bazaar Tokyo Disneyland


Frozen Fantasy offers three forms of entertainment: Frozen Fantasy Parade, Frozen Fantasy Greeting, and Frozen Forever. For the latest show times, grab yourself an entertainment times guide when you enter the park or check the time’s board in the Hub area.

The Frozen Fantasy Greeting is a short and simple show in front of Cinderella Castle. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf greet guests and do a sing-a-long with children. Unless you’re with small children or a huge fan of Frozen, you can skip this.

Frozen Fantasy Parade is a 20-minute parade with a vast array of characters from Frozen. This show is worth waiting for (even if you are tired of Let It Go). The best spot is in Tomorrowland, where it’s less crowded. Get there a good 30 minutes before the show starts.

Frozen Forever Review

Frozen Forever is a brand new nighttime projection show on Cinderella Castle which replaces Once Upon A Time for the duration of the event. The show follows the story of Frozen and features the most popular songs from the movie — yes, “Let It Go” is in there. A mixture of pyro, fireworks, lasers, and projections make for one huge spectacle.

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Frozen Forever Tokyo Disneyland

Frozen Forever Nighttime Project Show at Tokyo Disneyland

Overall, the show is worth seeing. It’s certainly no “Once Upon A Time,” as it doesn’t grab your emotions. But the lasers used throughout the show give another layer of texture with a “snow” effect. Tokyo Disneyland isn’t known for their fireworks display and this show is no different. While the ending fireworks give a nice sendoff for the show, it’s just “OK”.

With that said, the entire show is nicely put together, and even if you’re not a super fan of Frozen, you’ll enjoy it. With the setup, this should open the door for other seasonal nighttime projection shows.


Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Monorail Handles Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail has the best decoration, I think anyway.

The front entrance, World Bazaar, and the Hub have plenty of decorations for you to take photos of and with. The entrance sports a huge display that lights up at night. In the World Bazaar is a gigantic crystal that sparkles at random times throughout the day and night. The Hub area has displays with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and a mountain of Snowgies.

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Park Entrance Display Tokyo Disneyland

Over on the right-side of Cinderella Castle is a photo spot with Sven and a high sleigh, which also has a beautiful display of flowers.

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Photo Opt Sven Tokyo Disneyland

“Hidden” — I use that term loosely — throughout the park are Snowgies. Grab yourself a Japanese “Today Guide” when you enter the park. Open it up, and in the Frozen Fantasy section on the top right corner, you’ll see a mini-map with all the areas to find them in!

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Olaf Display Tokyo Disneyland Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Display Tokyo Disneyland


This year features a ton of merchandise and you’re sure to find something you like. The full list is found here. All items are subject to availability and are on sale until March 17, 2017. Below are some of my favourite items and our full video showcasing everything!

Merchandise photos from the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.


No event is complete without an array of themed snacks, buffets, and meals. I’ll go over the highlights and recommendations. The full list is available here.

Snacking is a big thing at the parks, so there are a few choices for Frozen-themed snacks this winter! These are available now until March 17, 2017.

The Snowgie Steamed Bun (available at Boiler Room Bites) is adorable and delicious. The fillings aren’t for everyone, but I promise you’ll love taking photos of this for Instagram. The fillings are Meat Sauce, Salmon Cream, Strawberry Cream, and Purple Sweet Potato Cream.

The Blueberry Cheesecake Sundae or the Cheesecake (with blue stripes) satisfy cheesecake lovers — I realize how much I said “cheesecake” in this sentence. You can also get a souvenir plate or spoon with these. You can get them without, you just have to ask.

The Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Churro are a great combo together while waiting for Frozen Forever to start.

Tips & Recommendations

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Elsa Banner Tokyo Disneyland

Here are the best ways to maximize your day in the world of Frozen Fantasy at Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Skip the Frozen Fantasy Greeting in front of the Castle, unless you have small children or are a huge fan of Frozen.
  • Watch the Frozen Fantasy Parade from Tomorrowland for a less crowded view.
  • The best spot for Frozen Forever — without winning the lottery — is in front of the Vacation Package section (it’s in front of the Partner Statue). When you’re up against the railing, you get a perfect view of the castle.
  • Most Frozen Fantasy merchandise is in Bon Voyage (the store when leaving the resort to Maihama Station). Save your sanity and buy your items there if the stores in the park are busy.
  • Grab a Japanese “Today Guide” to see a list of all the merchandise and food. Ask a Cast Member to help if you can’t read Japanese.

Previous Years

Here’s a look back the previous years of Frozen Fantasy:

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