Gelatoni’s Pistacio Gelato & Lemon Jelly Dessert Review

Gelatoni is Duffy’s new friend at Tokyo DisneySea. Not only is there adorable merchandise to purchase but, in true Tokyo Disney fashion, there is a delicious dessert that comes along with it. Here is our review of this unique dessert available at Cafe Portofino in the Mediterranean Harbour in Tokyo DisneySea.

What Is Inside

The dessert is gelato inside a waffle cone, with jelly coating the bottom of the waffle cone. The cone is topped off with fluffy whipped cream and white chocolate with Duffy and Gelatoni printed on it.

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The dessert comes in an adorable porcelain cup. The cup is incredibly detailed and the best part is the handle, where it is in the shape of Gelatoni’s tail. I was expecting the cup to be plastic, but this was a pleasant surprise.

Gelatoni Gelato Dessert at Tokyo DisneySea

The cup itself, is worth the price of admission.

Gelatoni Gelato Dessert at Tokyo DisneySea

The detail that went into this dessert is pretty amazing.

How is it?

The porcelain cup alone makes the purchase worth it, but thankfully the dessert is rather tasty. The gelato is not too sweet and the whipped cream with the chocolate on top gives it that added touch of flavour. What brings everything together is the waffle cone and the lemon jelly at the bottom. At first the dessert feels rather generic, but once you get to the bottom, that blast of lemon jelly flavour ties it altogether rather well.

Gelatoni Gelato Dessert at Tokyo DisneySea

Gelatonis tail for the handle, is by far the best part of the cup.

Should You Get It?

While the price is rather steep at 920yen, the unique flavour and collectible porcelain cup make it worth the price tag, if you’re a fan of Gelatoni and Duffy. If you’re not a big fan, then there are cheaper options for Gelato for you in Tokyo DisneySea that are just as tasty.

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