Gigantic Duffy Invades Shibuya

You may or may not know, Duffy the Disney Bear is a big deal here in Japan. He recently met a new friend named Gelatoni, and has a cute girlfriend. You would think that for being so popular, he would not need a huge advertisement in one of the busiest locations in the world, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. But he does, and it is huge.

Duffy Advertisement Shibuya Tokyo TDRExplorer

Duffy Advertisement at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

Duffy Advertisement in Hikarie Shibuya Tokyo

More Duffy Advertisements in Shibuya. This can be found in Hikarie.

Duffy Advertisement Tokyu Shibuya

Huge Duffy advertisements in some of the busiest places in Tokyo. You cannot miss these.

Shibuya Crossing (or scramble) has huge advertisements for Duffy for everyone to see. Just in case you needed a reminder of your love for Duffy.

Love him or hate him, Duffy and his Disney friends are here to stay. Photos provided by our photographer Satoshi.


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