Grandma Sara’s Kitchen Review at Tokyo Disneyland

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen is a hearty counter service restaurant in Critter Country at Tokyo Disneyland. If you ever dreamed of eating inside Splash Mountain, this is as close as it gets. This cozy restaurant blends perfectly into Critter Country and Splash Mountain. Here’s our review of one of the few restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort where you can enjoy a “home cooked” meal, just like how Grandma used to make.

Atmosphere & Decor

Splash Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

Splash Mountain – Photo by Duy Phan Photography

Built specifically for Splash Mountain, Critter Country is a small area at the back of the park.  Because of this, the area is smaller compared to other lands. Grandma Sara’s Kitchen is between the entrance to Splash Mountain and the FastPass distribution. If you aren’t paying attention, you could potentially walk right by without noticing it.  This speaks volumes to the theming of the exterior, as it is designed to look like it is part of Splash Mountain.

The entrance is through a small burrow which is dimly lit, and while it feels compact, it’s cozy at the same time. Now, oddly enough, you do not order on the floor you enter on (you could technically call it the second floor). Once you walk in—past the deliciously set up plastic food models—you head down a flight of stairs which takes you deep inside the burrow. On the bottom floor is where you order your food, counter service style, similar to the other restaurants at the resort.

Entrance Grandma Saras Kitchen Tokyo Disneyland

After ordering your food, you have a few choices to make. You can eat inside with the rest of your fellow critters, or head outside on the patio to watch other critters who are running down the river in a soaked log.

Choosing to sit inside, you immediately notice the seating area is nowhere near symmetrical. It’s a beautiful hodgepodge of logs, old furniture and kitschy decor throughout the burrow. In short, there are no two tables that are the same, and each time you visit you could sit at a completely different table.

Exit Grandma Saras Kitchen Tokyo Disneyland

The only downside is with such low lighting, it makes taking photos with your smartphone rather difficult. Of course, those with superior photography skills compared to me will have no problem capturing the essence of the what makes Grandma Sara’s Kitchen a beautifully themed counter service restaurant.


Beef Tomato Stew Grandma Saras Kitchen Tokyo Disneyland

Grandma Sara knows her cooking, and it’s reflected in her hearty and decently portioned entreés and desserts. Overall, this is one of the more expensive counter service options, but the portion sizes you receive are more than enough to fill you up, or can be easily shared between two people.

Her seasonal set changes with the seasons (hence the name, of course!) and is the most popular, most expensive (¥1,580), and most filling item on the menu. While it does change often, it typically comes with the following:

  • Chicken or beef (with tomato sauce)
  • Scrambled Eggs & Ketchup Rice (in the shape of something which represents the season)
  • Side Salad
  • Potatoes
  • Dessert
  • Choice of Soft Drink

This set is not only filling but hearty, which is perfect for the winter when you just need meat and potatoes to warm you up. If the special set is not your thing, then the Hamburg (Salisbury) Steak with butter rice and steamed veggies is a decent alternative. Although, I highly recommend just getting the entreé and not the set (which includes a drink). The entreé is about ¥1,040 while the set is about ¥1,450, which includes a drink and salad. Get yourself some water and save the extra money for popcorn!

For dessert, I cannot recommend the “rare cheesecake” enough. While I may be a bit biased since I love cheesecake, it is still a delicious piece of dessert. Overall, the food choice reminds you a bit of home with hearty cooking that has a small Japanese twist.  It’s perfect if you want to enjoy something—somewhat—familiar.


Please be aware that the menu items may change without notice.

Special Set
Seasonal Meat Dish / Dessert / Soup / Choice of Beverage¥1,580
Sets (All include salad and choice of regular-size beverage)
Chicken and Rice au Gratin¥1,400
Hamburger with Buttered Rice¥1,450
Omelet with Seasoned Rice and Crab Croquette¥1,400
Beef Tomato Stew with Buttered Rice¥1,500
Child's Set (to age 8) (Omelet-Wrapped Rice Ball, Beef-Pork Patty, Fried Shrimp, French Fries, Corn-on-the-Cob, Vegetables, Fruit Jellied Dessert, Apple Juice)¥920
Child's Set with Souvenir Plate (Omelet-Wrapped Rice Ball, Beef-Pork Patty, Fried Shrimp, French Fries, Corn-on-the-Cob, Vegetables, Fruit Jellied Dessert, Apple Juice)¥1,920


Outside Grandma Saras Kitchen Tokyo Disneyland

What do we recommend you get while you sit outside watching people go by in their logs on Splash Mountain? Try these out and you will certainly not be disappointed.

  • Have the special set (check the food display by the entrance).
  • Eat outside to watch people go by on their logs!
  • Check out the washroom, seriously.
  • Fill up your water bottle here, as the fountains are inside and are kept nice and cool in the summer.
  • Inside, it’s a perfect place to warm up during the winter, not only with the food but being inside a burrow is a beautiful feeling.
  • Great place to have a nap if you want out to get out of the sun, or have a headache.


Grandma Sara’s Kitchen is a completely original restaurant attached to Splash Mountain where you dine inside a burrow while munching on omelets shaped as an Easter Egg or Pumpkin.  What more could you ask for? The food is fantastic, the theming is spot on, and you cannot find anything like this anywhere else. For something completely different, check out Grandma Sara’s Kitchen at Tokyo Disneyland in Critter Country!

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