Where to Find the Green Alien Mochi at Tokyo Disney Resort

The Green Alien Mochi has become a staple snack at Tokyo Disney Resort since it made its debut years ago. These cute little dumplings are a pounded rice cake and each filled with different delicious cream (custard, chocolate, and strawberry).

Over the past few months, they have become quite difficult to track down. In this quick update, I’ll list where to find these cute little guys along with the other mochi at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo DisneySea

Green Alien Mochi Tokyo Disneyland

Found in the American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea

As of May 2018, the Green Alien Mochi is only available in the American Waterfront near Toy Story Mania! It was available at Mama Biscotti’s but has since been replaced with 35th Anniversary snacks. Not sure if it’ll return to Mama Biscotti’s in the future or not. It’s no longer available at Tokyo Disneyland.

Keep in mind that the mochi has sold out on busier days. So you’re best getting them in the morning to avoid disappointment. If you need to ask a Cast Member where they are you can say “little green maw-n” and you’ll be understood.

Tokyo Disneyland

Stormtrooper Mochi

Found at the Pan Galatic Pizza Port at Tokyo Disneyland

The only mochi available at Tokyo Disneyland is the Stormtrooper Mochi at Pan Galactic Pizza Port (this replaced the Green Alien Mochi). The Scrump Mochi is no longer available at Hungry Bear Restaurant (not sure if they are coming back).

We’ll update this if anything changes in the future.

Scrump Mochi Dumplings Tokyo Disneyland

The poor Scrump mochi are no longer available (Banana, Mango, and Purple Sweet Potato Cream)

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  1. SweetCaroline74

    NOOOOOO… was looking forward to trying the Scrump Mochi. Will definitely try the Stormtrooper and Green Alien.

  2. Matt

    Thanks to this post we found them last week when we were there! They’re sold from a small cart with an umbrella across form the SS Columbia. But definitely go early, they were always sold out by the afternoon.

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