Guide to Saving Money on Disney Merchandise in Japan

Disney merchandise is abundant in Japan.  Of course, you’ll find the traditional items like plushes, clothing and keepsakes, but Disney has managed to put their name and identity on many, many other products!  From stationary to body care products, food, and even housewares!

Disney Princess Nail Seal Japan

Whatever you are into, you bet there is a product in Japan that has Disney on it.

While Tokyo Disney Resort has a unique and frequently updated selection of merchandise, there are plenty of other locations to get Disney-branded goods outside the parks for an affordable price. Here is our guide to saving money.

At the Resort

Merchandise at the Resort is rarely discounted, but you can sometimes find a deal on items that will soon be going out of season. Look for a red sticker on the tag with a discounted price.

Disney Store

Save Money at Disney Store Japan

Disney Store in Shibuya has their discount section on the 3rd floor in the back. The same floor as the ticket counter.

Disney’s retail presence expands beyond the park with more than 40 Disney stores across Japan.  All of these stores will have sections with discounted merchandise. This can range from 20-50% and sometimes even 70%. Not all stores will have the same merchandise on sale, so it is worth your while to check the store if you happen to be near one.

New merchandise is released frequently, which means items which are only a few months old can be 20% off. Items which are going out of season will also be on sale.

The sale section will be at the furthest most part of the store. Which varies store to store. The Shibuya location is on the 3rd floor (Ticket Counter) in the back.

100 Yen Shops

Daiso Japan Disney Merchandise

You can find cheap Disney merchandise at almost any 100yen store in Japan. The most popular and well-known is Daiso. Found all over Japan.

While you will not find high-end merchandise, you will find the cheapest Disney branded goods starting at 100 yen (108 yen after tax). Everything from stationary, small bags, cell phone accessories, and laundry goods. This is perfect if you want to stock up on small items to give as gifts and not spend a fortune.

Daiso Japan Disney Merchandise

If you do not have enough plastic bags from Tokyo Disney Resort. You can find a variety of cheap ones at Daiso!

The most famous 100 yen shop is Daiso, which has stores all throughout Japan. One of the biggest ones is located right in Harajuku.

Used Stores

Disney Media at Book-Off Japan

If you are looking for Resort music or Disney music only sold in Japan. Then used stores are a gold mine.

If you are looking for media such as music, movies, books, or video games, visiting a Used Shop is a gold mine waiting for you. The most well known store is Book-Off, which has locations in most major shopping districts. Used shops in Japan are vastly different than those in North America, everyone shops there and you can expect to find high quality and gently used items for a discount.

Tokyo DisneySea Mysterious Masquerade Music CD

You can find Resort music such as this for the Mysterious Masquerade at Tokyo DisneySea

Music, books, and DVDs and Blu-Rays sold at the Resort can be found at these used stores  for prices ranging from 100yen to upwards of 6000yen (depending on the original price, rarity, and age). Each location’s stock is vastly different from each other, so it is worth checking out each one if you are on the hunt for something specific.

If you know what you are looking for, you could save some serious money. Be mindful that the signs will be in Japanese. Look for the a sign (in any area) that says “Disney” in Japanese.


Used Disney Music CDs at Book-Off in Japan

Book-off will have a huge selection of Used Disney Music CDs from the Resort. These range in price from 108yen to 6000yen or more.

Hard-off is another used store, which specializes in hardware, but also carries video games and music CDs. These are typically found on the outskirts of Tokyo, so getting to one can be a challenge. Just like with Book-Off, each location varies in the items available.

Hard-Off In Japan Disney

If you ever wanted a Dance Pad for your Dance Dance Revolution Disney on the Nintendo 64. Hard-off will be the place to check.

Nakano Broadway

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Nakano Broadway Japan Figurines

You can find figures that were only made available for a short amount of time and/or only for Fan Club members.

Looking for more discontinued, rare, or collectible Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise? Nakano Broadway, is one of the best places in Tokyo to find such items. Read our Disney Collectors Guide to Nakano Broadway. Nakano station is only a 5 minute ride from Shinjuku station on the Chuo Line. Here you will find Disney items ranging from last years Duffy Outfits to Anniversary Pins. Items change frequently, so you never know what you will find. If you could only go to one place, Nakano Broadway would be your best choice.

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Nakano Broadway Japan Gachapon

Gachapon are the capsule machines that give you a random toy. If you are looking to complete a set, you can find them all here.

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Nakano Broadway Japan More Plush

Seeking that Donald Duck Plush from Christmas Fantasy 2002? You may find it at Nakano Broadway.

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Nakano Broadway Japan Pins

Maybe you are a Disney Pin collector. You can find gems such as this Tokyo DisneySea 4th Anniversary Pin.

If you are willing to do some searching and dedicate time to finding a bargain, you can save yourself a lot of money.  Just think – with the money you save, you can pay for that delicious meal at Magellan’s at DisneySea!

How do you save money on Disney merchandise in Japan?  Let us know!

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