Guide to Buying Park Tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland

Buying your tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland is much simpler compared to Tokyo Disney Resort. But knowing what your options are may help you decide what works best for your trip! In some cases, buying an annual pass (called Magic Access) is worth it. Also, I’ll explain the best way to get discount tickets using Klook.

The best way to get discount tickets is through Klook. Use our promo code KLKTDREX to receive an additional discount on your first order!

Follow our guide and tips for the best advice in buying your park tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland!


Hong Kong Disneyland Park Tickets Featured

We recommend buying your tickets in advance of arriving at the park, as the ticket queue can often be longer than queues for some attractions.

The easiest way to buy tickets is through the Hong Kong Disneyland website—which accepts all major credit cards. You can buy tickets as part of your Disney Hotel Package (these are issued to you when you check-in) or as standalone tickets up to 6 months in advance.

  • 1-day Ticket (HK$639 or ~$81USD)
    • Visit any day within 6 months of purchase
  • 2-day Ticket (HK$825 or ~$105USD)
    • Visit any two days within a 7-day period


Standalone tickets bought online are sent to you via email. You can print the voucher or present your mobile device with the barcode at the Auto-Magic ticket redemption machines, which will give you a hard ticket. The Auto-Magic ticket redemption machines are to the right of the park entrance, after security check.

Discount Tickets


If you have a voucher, you can skip the line and go right to the ticket redemption machines.

Hong Kong Disneyland offers discounts on tickets as part of Hotel Packages or as stand-alone tickets from time to time. Check the discounts offer page for the most up-to-date information. Make sure to read the blackout dates for offers, which are usually around public holidays.

Another quick and easy option for buying discount tickets are through Klook, with your credit card or PayPal. They also offer discount tickets for other attractions in Hong Kong, such as Ocean Park.

We have used this service in the past and recommend them. You can save up to 16% on your park tickets.

  • 1-Day Park Ticket (Save 16%): HK$543 (~$69USD)
  • Travelers 2-Day Park Ticket (Save 13%): HK$699 (~$89USD)
    • Only available to those who are not residents of Hong Kong
  • 2-Day Park Ticket (Save 14%): HK$715 (~$91USD)
    • Available to residents of Hong Kong

Take your printed voucher from Klook and scan the barcode at the Auto Magic Redemption Machines. It prints you a hard ticket.


After purchase, Klook emails you a voucher to print off and present at the Auto-Magic ticket redemption machines, as discussed above.

Magic Access Annual Pass


Magic Access is Hong Kong Disneyland’s version of their annual pass. There are three levels to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and all come with their set of perks at various price ranges. The official website does an excellent job at explaining these, which I won’t iterate here, but will give you the highlights. If you have any questions regarding these perks, check out the official website for the most up-to-date information.

In some cases, opting for the Magic Access pass is worth the money (see section below).

Silver Magic Access: HK$1,278 (~$163USD)

  • 220 days of park access (excludes weekends and national holidays)
  • Up to 20% hotel dining discounts at select restaurants
  • 10% hotel merchandise discounts at designated shops
  • 10% in-park dining and merchandise discounts at designated restaurants and shops
  • Up to 15% hotel discounts
  • Birthday Privileges (Your birth month)
    • Free admission on member’s actual birth date (even during blackout dates)

Gold Magic Access: HK$2,059 (~$262USD)

  • 340 days access for most weekdays and weekends
  • Same discounts for restaurant and merchandise for the hotels and in-park as Silver level
  • Up to 15% hotel discounts
  • Birthday Privileges (Your birth month)
    • Pick up the book of coupons from the Magic Access Member Service Centre, Main Street, U.S.A., or the Disney Hotels
    • Free Hotel Dinner at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Chef Mickey, or Walt’s Cafe. You need at least 2 additional full price guests with you.
    • 25% off dinner at Crystal Lotus
    • 30% off 1-day park ticket during member’s birth month (must be used same day)
    • Free admission on member’s actual birth date (even during blackout dates)

Platinum Magic Access: HK$3,599 (~459USD)

  • All year access (365 days)
  • Same percentage discount as the gold level for hotels and restaurants and merchandise
  • up to 25% off for hotel reservations
  • Free parking
  • Discount on PhotoPass+ for HK$298 (normal price is HK$398)
  • 10% Discount on 1-day park ticket (up to 6 tickets per year). Only for the date of purchase at the park.
  • Priority seating for “Festival of the Lion King” with up to 3 guests
  • Online reservations for seating for “Mickey and the Wonderous Book” with up to 3 guests. Can book 2 days ahead of time.
  • Birthday Privileges (Your birth month)
    • You may only redeem these once
    • Free Afternoon Tea at Walt’s Cafe with 1 additional full paying guest.
    • Free Hotel Dinner at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Chef Mickey, or Walt’s Cafe. You need at least 1 additional full price guest with you.
    • 25% off dinner at Crystal Lotus
    • 50% off 1-day park ticket during member’s birth month (must be used same day)
    • Free birthday cake at Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Chef Mickey, Walt’s Cafe with 1 other guest.

Is it Worth Getting Magic Access?


If you’re spending 3 days at the park during the week, then buying the Silver Magic Access Pass saves you HK$186 (~$25USD). It includes the benefits listed above and leads to more savings on food and merchandise. Just be mindful of the blackout dates for this pass (which includes all weekends and holidays throughout the year).

If you happen to visit on your actual birth date, you can get a free 1-day ticket use for that day only. As an example, if you’re visiting for 3-days and the person who has the Silver Magic Access has their birthday during your visit, another person in your group can buy a 2-day ticket and then enjoy the third day for free.

Buying or Upgrading to a Magic Access

You may choose to upgrade a valid ticket to a Magic Access pass, which reduces the cost of the pass. Head to the Magic Access Member Service Centre (the left side of the park when you enter Main Street, U.S.A.). The process is painless and takes about 10-15 minutes. You fill out a form with your contact information, pay for the pass, and take a photo.

It’s that easy!

Tips & Advice

Here’s a quick rundown of everything above, along with our tips and advice:

  • Choose between a 1-day or 2-day Ticket
  • Easiest way is to buy your tickets on the official website or part of your Disney Hotel Package
  • Use the Auto-Magic Redemption Machines at the park entrance with your voucher printed from the website to avoid long lines at the ticket booth
  • Discount tickets are available on Klook to save up to 16% on your park tickets
  • If you visit 3 days or more over the course of the year, the Silver Magic Access Pass saves you HK$200 (~$26USD)
  • Check the special offers page for park ticket deals

Once you have your tickets and hotel booked, begin your research and planning for Hong Kong Disneyland with our trip reports and podcast episodes to make the most out of your trip!

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