Halloween Time at Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report Part Two

My trip report continues with the next two days at Hong Kong Disneyland during Halloween Time. If you haven’t already, check out part one where I give you my ideal packing list and suggestions for things to do in the city (if there’s interest I’ll turn this into full blog posts just let me know).

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Breakfast at Disney Explorers Lodge

Mickey Minnie TDR Explorer Dragon Wind

Mickey & Minnie in the Dragon Wind at the Disney Explorers Lodge

We had the character breakfast at Dragon Wind in the Disney Explorers Lodge. This is by far my favourite character dining experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. The decor is simple yet gorgeous (I am a sucker for anything explorer-themed) and the buffet is absolutely delicious. There’s a large choice of Western and Chinese dishes, so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like.

Breakfast Dragon Wind Disney Explorers Lodge Hong Kong Disneyland

Dragon Wind (Disney Explorers Lodge) is my top choice for Character Breakfasts at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

We met up with the other Explorers that we met the day before and had breakfast together. My plate of food speaks for itself. Afterward, we got our photos taken with Mickey and Minnie in their Explorers Outfits. How adorable do I look? I mean, how adorable do Mickey and Minnie look?

Tsum Tsum Fair

Tsum Tsum Fair 2017 Hong Kong Disneyland

Tsum Tsum Fair 2017

My trips reports seem to revolve around food and that’s the only parts I can remember to any extent. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing. After breakfast, we headed to the park and knocked off a couple of attractions.

I took part in the Tsum Tsum Fair before lunchtime which was a limited time event with carnival games in Tomorrowland. The games did cost money and you had the chance to win limited edition Tsum Tsum items.

Tsum Tsum Fair 2017 Hong Kong Disneyland Stitch

You had the chance to win a special Stitch Chef Tsum Tsum that was only available during the event

One of the prizes was this Chef Stitch Tsum Tsum. How can you resist this? The event is now over and there’s no news if another one is happening.

Disney Dim Sum Lunch

Dim Sum Hong Kong Disneyland

Dim Sum at the Crystal Lotus is a MUST

Now for the good part, our Disney Dim Sum lunch. This is the third time I have done this and each time it has never disappointed. Do yourself a favour and add this as one of your top things to do when you visit.

The new StellaLou Dim Sum (purple sweet potato) was on the top of our list to try. I am happy to report that it did not disappoint one bit. Of course, we ordered other Dim Sum such as the Green Alien, Duffy and ShellieMay, Jack Skellington, Three Pigs, and Olaf.

Dim Sum Overview Hong Kong Disneyland

Read how to make a reservation in a earlier trip report.

The rest of the day was nothing out of the ordinary where Explorer Diane and I ran around the park using our Priority Passes we received for staying at the hotel. Which allowed us to skip lines for a lot of the attractions.

A Duffy-themed Dinner

StellaLou Shake Hong Kong Disneyland

We ended the day with dinner right at 20:00 (when the fireworks began) at the Main Street Cafe. We both had the Wagyu Beef Burger and it’s top notch. The main reason for eating here was the wide range of Duffy-themed desserts.

This is the place to go if you’re a Duffy and Friends fan. Milkshakes and desserts are their specialties and with the introduction of StellaLou, she has her own Milkshake. The items we had were the Gelatoni (macha) and StellaLou (purple sweet potato and honey) milkshakes and Gelatoni dessert (looks like a painters palette with a variety of small desserts).

Gelatoni Milkshake Hong Kong Disneyland Gelatoni Dessert Hong Kong Disneyland

Seriously, if you’re a fan you have to eat lunch or dinner at Main Street Cafe to get the desserts.

Alright, now it’s onto the next day …

Unusually Busy Day

Mickey Minnie and Explorers Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween

The next day was the first time I ever experienced a busy day. On any given day the park is nowhere near as crowded compared to the other Disney Parks. The park was closing at 18:00 for a special event and hotel guests were allowed to enter the park 45-minutes early (07:15). Of course, we took full advantage of that.

Our plan of attack was a photo with Mickey and Minnie, Donald, and Daisy, then StellaLou. Explorer Diane and I figured we’d knock it all out before the park opened. Both of us were so wrong on that front. We managed to only get through Mickey and Minnie before the park opened.

Duffy TDR Explorer and StellaLou Hong Kong Disneyland

Once we got our photos with Donald, Daisy, Duffy, and StellaLou it was already 09:00 and we had to make it over to the Enchanted Garden in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for our character breakfast.

The lesson here is doing character greetings as early as possible. Which is what I recommend in our 1-day itinerary for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Enchanted Garden Breakfast

Mickey and TDR Explorer Enchanted Garden Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland

Another excellent character breakfast buffet (all the buffets are great so you can’t go wrong) where we got a lot of time with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto. Duffy and Gelatoni show up on the weekends and holidays.

Continuation of the Busy Day

Mystic Manor Wait Time Hong Kong Disneyland

Once our stomachs were filled to the brim it was back to the park. The walk from the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to the park is a nice 10-minute walk (it’s the closest hotel). Once we got into the park, it was packed. Wait times across the board were well over 60-minutes. The photos speak for themselves.

Before you freak out, this was a rare case due to the park having a special event in the evening and those guests attending the event were in the park all day. Which made it unusually busy. It was nice in a way to see how the park gets when it’s busy.

Big Grizzly Mountain Hong Kong Disneyland

I have to give kudos to all the Cast Members and all their hard work. Everything seemed to run smoothly throughout the day, even with all the crowds. It was still an enjoyable day. We used up the rest of our priority passes and closed out the park at 18:00.

The entire trip was wonderful and I can’t wait to get back for Christmas. I want to thank everyone who stopped me to say hi, I love meeting fellow Explorers in the park. If you ever see me, please feel free to stop me and say hello!

Alright Explorers, until next time!

Explorers in Hong Kong Disneyland

Fellow Explorers at Hong Kong Disneyland!

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