‘Happy Entry’ at Tokyo Disney Resort

‘Happy Entry’ is a perk for guests staying at one of the Disney Hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort. This allows you to enter the park 15-minutes before the official opening time. It doesn’t sound like much, but because of how busy the Parks are, this makes all the difference. In this short guide, We’ll explain how the “Happy Entry” early entry works and how to maximize those 15-minutes.

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Update (September 2022): Following the removal of Happy 15 during the Covid-19 pandemic, the early entry perk will be returning as Happy Entry for guests staying at Disney hotels starting October 1, 2022.

How It Works

“Happy Entry” is Tokyo Disney Resort’s version of “Early Morning Magic” at Walt Disney World. When you check in to your Disney Hotel, you’re given a pass for “Happy Entry” for everyone on your reservation. At both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, you’ll use a special entrance that’s marked. At check-in, the Cast Members will explain where this entrance is. This allows you to enter the Park 15-minutes before it officially opens.

Once you’re in the Park, you’ll have access to only certain parts of either Park and one or two attractions and shops. It’s not a free reign of the entire park. We’ll explain what attractions are open below.

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Which Hotels Offer Happy Entry?

Hotel MiraCosta Lobby
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is one of the Disney Hotels that offers the Happy 15

The only hotels that offer the “Happy Entry” are Disney Hotels. Depending on the hotel you are staying at, the parks where you can use the benefits will differ. Guests can use Happy Entry on the day of their stay, excluding the day of check-in, and on the day of check-out.

Accommodation HotelPark
Disney Ambassador Hotel
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel
Tokyo Disneyland

Does the Hilton Tokyo Bay have the “Happy Entry”?

The Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel and other official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels do not offer the “Happy Entry” early entry.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle

The attractions open for “Happy Entry” change depending on the time of the year. Current options include:

  • Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
  • The Happy Ride with Baymax
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
  • Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!

Areas open to guests entering on the Happy Entry ticket include World Bazaar, Tomorrowland and some areas of Fantasyland.

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea Mount Prometheus

Unlike Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea offers two attractions open for the “Happy Entry” early entry. Soaring: Fantastic Flight opened in July 2019 and has the highest wait times in the Park, with “Toy Story Mania!” a close second. Having that extra 15-minutes to get into standby for Soaring: Fantastic Flight makes the rest of your day that much easier.


A few tips to make the most out of your “Happy Entry” first thing in the morning.

  • If the Park opens at 08:00, arrive at the special entrance no later than 07:15
  • On your first day, use the extra 15-minutes to have that advantage of riding popular attractions first
  • On your last days use the extra 15-minutes for character greetings at the front of the Park
  • Have a light breakfast before going to the Park to save yourself time

All this information is subject to change without notice. Check the official Tokyo Disney Resort website before your trip.

Tokyo Disneyland Happy 15 Early Morning Magic

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  1. Edmund

    Hi, I booked a hotel at Ambassador hotel for April 16, 2020. Do you know if I’m eligible for the “Happy 15” for my check-in day on the April 16, meaning arriving early around 6.30am at my hotel to store my luggage with hotel services and jet off straight to the entrance queue.

  2. Ash

    Thanks for the info – I love this blog and it’s really helped me organise my thoughts for my upcoming trip! I’d love to see updates on this article (and other ‘essential’ posts), but I know you guys are super busy reporting on all the magic 😊

  3. Simon

    Kinda bummed that Tokyo Disneyland Hotel guests can only access Tokyo Disneyland, not DisneySea, for early entry… especially when the much cheaper Ambassador gets access to both…

  4. Lillian

    Now it seems to say (in Japanese) that you can enter the park for Happy Entry, but attractions only open once regular guests begin entering?? Is this still worth it? Specifically, is it worth switching from Disneyland Hotel one night to Ambassador another night just to get Happy Entry into Sea?

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