Harajuku Disney Store Targeted Towards Women Opens

Disney fans know that Japan has some of the most adorable merchandise not available anywhere else. Now, there is a new Disney Store, which opened on March 7th in Harajuku. The store sells items that are targeted towards women. From Harajuku Limited clothing to smart phone accessories. There will be something for every Harajuku Girl. You will not find any plastic toy trains here.

Harajuku Merchandise

Harajuku Disney Store Womens Limited Merchandise TDRExplorer

Minnie and Daisy get the spotlight while they ride a unicorn. Find this design on various Harajuku specific items.

Harajuku Disney Store Limited Merchandise Womens Clothing TDRExplorer

Adorable blue frilly shirt

Harajuku Disney Store Limited Merchandise Bag TDRExplorer

Frills is quite the trend and unicorns.

Harajuku Disney Store Limited Merchandise Bag Pink TDRExplorer

A lot of this merchandise is very fitting for Harajuku.

Harajuku Disney Store Daisy Minnie Unicorn Merchandise TDRExplorer

There is a love for unicorns.

Minnie and Daisy Riding Unicorn Harajuku Disney Store TDRExplorer

I see a theme here …

Opening Day

We got a chance to visit the store on opening day. As most things new in Tokyo, there was a wait. Guests were given a return time to queue up to go into the new store.