Hidden Mickey Umbrella from Japan is Simply Magical

Japan never ceases to amaze on how creative they are when it comes to product design. We recently came across an article showcasing different umbrellas, which when wet show hidden patterns. This item is not available in the parks but outside at various locations across Japan.

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While visiting the beautiful Yanaka in Tokyo and browsing the tiny shops there, we came across these magical umbrellas! They surprisingly had Disney umbrellas, which I had no idea existed! The kind shopkeeper came out and demonstrated on who the umbrella revealed the patterns. She unpacked a large red umbrella and took out a bottle of water and poured it over the umbrella. Within seconds hidden Mickey’s began appearing! Normally I am not one to impulse buy, but since my old umbrella recently broke and I was in need of a new one I quickly bought it.

Hidden Mickey Umbrella Multiple Colours Hidden Mickey Umbrella Small

For about ¥1250, this adorable umbrella now makes walking in the rain that much more tolerable. Only because these cute patterns show up.

Now, because I adore my readers I looked and found it available online! As an added bonus they ship internationally and it is in English! What do you think of the umbrella? Leave us your comments!

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