Hong Kong Disneyland Construction Update (Spring 2018)

Earlier this week I spent a few wonderful days at Hong Kong Disneyland during their Chinese New Year event. Ate spicy popcorn (which I promptly choked on), met Mickey and Friends in their New Years outfits, and took photos of the construction walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle!

There’s been a lot of questions about what’s happening at Hong Kong Disneyland during the castle transformation. Here’s an update with photos of these walls and a couple of photos of the other construction around in the park.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Feel free to use these photos as long as you give credit to TDR Explorer.

In case you haven’t heard, Hong Kong Disneyland is transforming Sleeping Beauty Castle into their own unique castle. It’s set to complete sometime in 2019 (there’s no official date yet). I’ve shared my opinions on what I think of the design a few months back.

The walls have been up for a few weeks now (if not a bit longer) around the castle. This means if you want a photo in front of the castle you’ll get the top of it at best. There’s also no nighttime fireworks but a new show projection show on Main Street U.S.A. called “We Love Mickey!” that begins on March 15, 2018.

The walls themselves have various artwork with Disney characters. On the walls in front of the castle are portraits with scenery from different Disney Princess movies. Since the design of the new castle represents not just one princess but a number of them, it’s a nice little detail.

Another nice touch is three viewing ports in the walls leading towards Fantasyland. These ports have the concept art of the new castle (one of which is lower for smaller Explorers to see easily).

I’m not sure when the castle itself is being covered up, but once we do know we’ll report on it.

Around the Park

There’s a bit of construction/refurbishment happening around the park including the new Ant-Man attraction (opening 2018), Moana: A Homecoming Celebration stage show (opens May 2018), and the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad – Main Street Station (didn’t take photos of this but it’s a printed scrim).

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