Hong Kong Disneyland Introduces New Ticket Prices

Hong Kong Disneyland has introduced new prices for 1-2 Day Tickets and Magic Access annual pass, plus the announcement of a new demand-based, two-tier ticket pricing structure for 1 Day Ticket park admission.

Two Tier Ticket Pricing

The prices have come into effect immediately for visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland.

A demand-based, two-tier pricing structure has been introduced for 1-Day Tickets, with Peak Days seeing an increase of 9% increase for general admission tickets and 10% for children. Prices for 1-Day Tickets for Regular Days will remain unchanged for all ticket types. Peak Days only apply to 1-Day Tickets.

A 1-Day Ticket Calendar showing Regular Days and Peak Days is available on Hong Kong Disneyland’s official website. While the new pricing is already in effect, the first Peak Day is scheduled for Nov 20, 2021.

Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Prices

1-Day Ticket Regular Day

  • General Admission (aged 12-64): $639 HKD ($82 USD)
  • Child Admission (aged 3-11): $475 HKD ($61 USD)
  • Senior Admission (65+): $100 HKD ($13 USD)

1-Day Ticket Peak Day

  • General Admission (aged 12-64): $699 HKD ($90 USD)
  • Child Admission (aged 3-11): $524 HKD ($67 USD)
  • Senior Admission (65+): $100 HKD ($13 USD)

2-Day Ticket

  • General Admission: $865 HKD ($111 USD)
  • Child Admission: $649 HKD ($83 USD)
  • Senior Admission: $170 HKD ($22 USD)

Guests with disabilities continue to enjoy a 30% discount on 1-Day Tickets.

Silver Magic Access Membership:

  • Adult: HK$1,278 ($163 USD)
  • Child: HK$915 ($117 USD)
  • Senior: HK$316 ($40 USD)

Gold Magic Access Membership:

  • Adult: HK$2,228 ($286 USD)
  • Child: HK$1,588 ($204 USD)
  • Senior: HK$525 ($68 USD)

Platinum Magic Access Membership:

  • Adult: HK$3,998 ($514 USD)
  • Child: HK$2,878 ($370 USD)
  • Senior: HK$890 ($114 USD)

To compare the features of each pass, visit the Hong Kong Disneyland website.

Magic Access Renewal Special Offer

Until November 19, 2021, eligible Magical Access members can access a limited-time early renewal discount of 30% discount on the new membership prices when renewing at or upgrading to Platinum or Gold Cards together with an extra one-month membership.

To take advantage of the offer your membership must still be valid, but due to expire on or before April 30, 2022.

JoyYou Senior Offer

A new JoyYou senior offer is has been introduced until October 19, 2022, allowing Hong Kong residents aged between 60 and 64 holding a JoyYou Octopus card to purchase 1-Day Tickets for HK$100 (which is the same price as 1-Day Senior tickets available for the elderly aged 65 or above).

Information from the Hong Kong Disneyland media release.

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