Hot Wine (Rosé) Review at Tokyo DisneySea

Similar to the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park in the US, Tokyo Disneyland does not serve alcohol within the park (Club 33 being the exception). Over at Tokyo DisneySea guests can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages ranging from seasonal cocktails to beer.

During the winter months, hot wine is a popular alcoholic drink at DisneySea, which helps keep you warm on the inside and out. Both red and white hot wine is available. Today we are reviewing the Rosé Hot Wine.

  • Hot Wine (Rosé) at Barnacle Bills for ¥680
  • Hot Wine (White) at the New York Deli for ¥680

What Is Inside

The wine included is a Rosé wine, and inside the cup you can also find a piece of strawberry and pineapple.

Red Hot Wine at Tokyo DisneySea

Delicious pineapple and strawberry can be found floating around in your cup


Simple clear cup with a simple design and a sleeve to protect your hands from the incredibly hot wine. Also included is a small Mickey skewer for the fruit floating inside.

Red Hot Wine at Tokyo DisneySea

How is it?

If you have ever had Rosé wine before, then it is what you would expect, only hot. It has a very bitter sweet flavour to it which is offset by the sweetness of the strawberry and pineapple pieces. The alcohol inside is quite potent and you will feel it (depending on your tolerance). Do not worry, it will not get you smashed, but maybe grant you that little bit of courage to ride Tower of Terror: Level 13.

Should You Get It?

Fans of wine and being warm should definitely give this a try. While the line up may be long, do not let that discourage you. I recommend pairing this with the sausage that is also available at Barnacle Bills then take a seat behind the food stand and enjoy the view.

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