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How to Buy Tickets for Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

Chance are if you are visiting Tokyo, you’ll want to check out the popular Ghibli Museum located in the city of Mitaka, Tokyo. Advance tickets are the only way to visit this brilliant museum – you can’t just show up.

We list the best and easiest ways to buy tickets for the Ghibli Museum. The scope of this article only covers how to buy tickets, but in short, if you are a fan of any of the Ghibli films or animation in general, you’ll want to make this a priority experience. This stop is perfect to pair with your trip to Japan and Tokyo Disney Resort.

General Ticket Information

Tickets from Lawson or Lawson Online (official sources) are ¥1,000 (~$9 USD) for an adult and ¥500 (~$4 USD) for children, which is a fantastic value for what you get. Note that the museum is closed most Tuesdays (check the official website for specific dates).

Easiest Way – Klook

Klook has suspended ticket sales at this time. I’ll leave this information here in hopes they begin selling them again. As they were the easiest way to do it. The other ways are still valid, however.

Klook now sells advanced tickets for the Ghibli Museum. You can buy the tickets right from their website for ¥2,500 (~$22 USD) — use our exclusive coupon code KLKTDREX to save on your first order. While the price is double what you pay from the official sources (see below), this is by far the easiest way to do it and saves you much hassle.

Advanced tickets go on sale between the 1st and 5th of every month for the next month (tickets for April 1-30 go on sale March 1st to 5th). This is by far the easiest way to buy your tickets online before your visit.

Klook also offers tickets for other attractions in Tokyo, such as Tokyo Disneyland. Browse their list and use our promo code above for more savings.

Cheapest – Lawson Tickets Online (Official)

Up until recently, you were only able to buy tickets through Lawson online in Japanese. Now, you can buy them through their English site. Tickets for the next month go on sale on the 10th the month before — June 10th for tickets in July, as an example.

I recommend trying with Klook first (since they go on sale earlier), and if you miss out there, buy them from Lawson online. The interface is clunky and rather frustrating.

Cheapest – Lawson Convenience Stores (Official)

The only convenience store that sells tickets in advance is Lawson, at the Loppi Kiosks. The Ghibli Museum website lists how to navigate the kiosk (which is only in Japanese).

Tickets are available one month in advance, starting on the 10th for the following month. Tickets for February go on sale January 10th, as an example.

This is the most common method to buy tickets, and because of this buying last-minute tickets is not recommended, as they on average sell out well in advance. So if you have a friend who can buy them for you in Japan, that is the best and easiest way, short of living in Japan yourself.

JCB Travel Agents Overseas

Select travel agents overseas sell a limited number of tickets 3 months in advance. The official website gives an excellent list of where to buy them in various countries, such as Canada, US, UK, and Australia.

Mitaka & Area Residents

If you are a resident of Mitaka and other cities in the area, then you have access to tickets 3 months in advance. This deal is exclusive to residents. They are the same price and residents can buy up to 6 tickets for themselves and friends. Read more about it here (Japanese only).

Buying Through Auction

This method we do not recommend as the museum has cracked down on resellers, but we wanted to include this information just so you are aware. Someone in your party must have their name on the ticket and it is verified when you enter the museum. If they are unable to verify, you are not allowed inside and will not receive a refund. In short, don’t bother with this route.