How to Use the Lottery System at Tokyo Disney Resort

Live performance stage shows, parades, and nighttime shows are the crowning jewels of the entertainment lineup at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Because of this, some shows are incredibly popular with often more people wanting to watch than there is room for. Tokyo Disney Resort has a lottery system to make sure all guests receive a chance to see one of these amazing shows. Here’s our guide on how the lottery system works and tips to help you maximize your chances at winning.

What is the lottery system?

Big Band Beat Tokyo DisneySea

It is a system where guests use their park tickets (also known as passports) to enter a lottery to win a chance to a viewing of a specific performance. The system is mainly used for regular shows that have limited seating. This gives all guests a chance to view the show, even if you arrive at the parks later in the day.

The first performance of the day for some shows do not need guests to enter a lottery and is standby only.

Which shows use the system?

The following shows make use of the lottery system daily (note some days there is no lottery and all shows are standby only):

Tokyo DisneySea (in the Mediterranean Harbour)

  • Big Band Beat (No lottery required for the first performance)
    • The balcony seating is standby only. If you do not win the lottery, this is an excellent alternative. Line up 1 hour before show time (2 hours if it is the weekend).
  • Seasonal Harbor Show
    • Select harbor shows have lottery seating areas (you can still watch the show even if you don’t win the lottery in other spots around the harbor)

Tokyo Disneyland Park (located to the left of Space Mountain in Tomorrowland)

How it works

  • Guests are allowed to try their luck at the lottery up to 30 minutes before the performance.
  • Entries are made using a computer terminal at a designated spot in each park.  An English option is available on-screen.
  • Guests must have all the passports of the people in their party and enter the lottery at the same time. This is to make sure everyone will be seated together.
  • Guests are allowed to try the lottery once per show.
  • If you win, simply take your park ticket to the venue at show time. Cast Members will scan your ticket at the time. The printed ticket is for your reference only (such as your assigned seat).

How to use the lottery machine

  • Gather all the park tickets (passports) in your party
  • Select English
  • Select the showtime you wish to enter for
  • Scan all your party members passports
  • Press Start

If you win tickets, a magical sound will come from the machine as it prints the tickets. If you do not win, a disappointing sound will come out of the machine.

Using the Official Lottery App

The application is only available in Japanese and on the Japanese App Store. 

Tokyo Disney Resort offers a smartphone application which allows guests to enter the lottery. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. You simply choose the show you wish to view and scan the park tickets of everyone in your party.

Tips to maximize your chance at winning

Big Band Beat at Tokyo DisneySea

There are a couple of ways you can maximize your chances at winning. Photo provided by Duy Phan Photography

How winners are chosen is not disclosed, but we have figured out a few tips to help increase your chances at winning tickets. These are by no means a guarantee and will vary for everyone.

  • Try for a show later in the morning
  • When a major park event is occurring (such as Tokyo Disneyland’s Electrical Parade) have one person take all the passports of your party and try for the last show of the evening.
  • If you enter the lottery area, listen to everyone around you before trying. If everyone is losing, do not enter the lottery. If everyone is winning, then go ahead and give it a try.
  • Try 5-10 minutes before the cut off for the show. If a show is happening at 6:30 pm the cut off is 6:00 pm. Try entering around 5:50 pm since the park will be trying to fill up empty seats. This works better for single guests.

The lottery system is a great way to see your favourite performance without having to wait hours in line, but can also be disappointing if you do not win.  Do you have any more tips to maximize your chances at winning?   If so, pass them along!

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