Hungry Bear Restaurant Review at Tokyo Disneyland

Hungry Bear Restaurant is counter service restaurant serving Japanese Curry in Westernland. Japanese style curry is a “national dish” in Japan, and is a popular dish throughout the country (also with tourists). This “Western” themed restaurant is the perfect getaway from the crowds because of its ample seating and pleasing decor.

Atmosphere & Decor

Hungry Bear Curry Window Decor

On the outside the restaurant doesn’t look that big, but once you get inside you realise there is tons of seating both inside, outside, and in other “rooms” throughout. Finding a seat is almost never a problem (unless you are visiting on the weekends). Wedged between Country Bear Jamboree and Big Thunder Mountain the theming is what you would expect from a restaurant in Westernland. The best way to describe it is, if the Country Bears created a restaurant, this is the result.

The main dining areas inside take you back to the Midwest America with the brilliantly themed decor. The dining area off to the right has a piano along with larger tables for bigger groups. The best area is just off to the side, where guests can dine inside a jail cell (only 4 tables in here and are usually taken), which is just plain fun!

Seating is also available outside, which I recommend against during cold winter or rainy days. Not very pleasant.


Hungry Bear Restaurant Pork Curry Tokyo Disneyland

Pork Curry is my favourite dish and you need to try it!

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main dish here is Japanese Curry. Which is made up of rice, curry sauce, and various toppings (breaded pork or chicken is the most popular). A bowl of regular sized curry is under ¥1000 (excluding the special curry which is about ¥1280), depending on the type of dish. They also have a vegetable only curry. The main dishes include:

  • Hungry Bear Curry (Hamburger, chicken, and steamed vegetables)
  • Pork Curry (breaded pork)
  • Steamed Vegetable Curry
  • Chicken and Roast Onion Curry

When ordering your curry, you get to choose the level of spice which is “sweet” or “medium”. The sweet flavour adds a bit of sweetness with zero spice. The medium gives it a tiny kick, but if you are used to spicy food this is nothing – but still worth getting. You can also “large size” your curry (except the Hungry Bear as it comes only in the large size) for a bit extra. Also included with your curry is a small package of ginger to put on top.

My goto meal is the Pork Curry, which is the best item on the menu. The “normal” size is more than enough for myself, but if you are a big eater (incredibly hungry or wanting to share) opting for the large size is not a bad idea. The pork cutlet is simply delicious and paired with the curry sauce (medium spice), it is easily one of my favourite “cheap” dishes at the park. If I am hungry (or wanting to add some vegetables to my diet), I will go for the Hungry Bear Curry. Which in itself is a huge meal.

Hungry Bear Curry Tokyo Disneyland

Hungry Bear Curry is a bit of food!

Also available is a child’s curry that includes hamburg curry, tuna salad, and fruit jelly. It comes in an adorable Mickey shaped plate that you can buy! Lastly, they also carry an “allergen” free curry which does not contain wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanuts. It is perfect for those that are lactose intolerant.


Hungry Bear Restaurant Tokyo Disneyland Japanese Relish Fukujinzuke

This Japanese “relish” is perfect to pair with your curry. Known as Fukujinzuke (福神漬) in Japanese.

I cannot recommend the Pork Curry enough, it is a simple dish with a ton of flavour. Perfect for those that are not adventurous eaters but want to try something other than burgers and fries. Quick, easy and delicious. What more could you ask for? Also check out their seasonal dessert which always includes a souvenir cup that you cannot buy anywhere else.

Maximize your experience at Hungry Bear Restaurant by following our recommendations:

  • Eat at off-hours to avoid long lines
  • Snag a table in the jail cell in the building to the right of the entrance
  • Get the “medium” spice for added flavour
  • Don’t let the Japanese relish (pictured above) go to waste, throw that on your curry!
  • Water here is self-serve (like most places in the park). The large water fountain outside is always cold and is big enough to fill a large water bottle up.


Japanese Curry is a dish that everyone should try at least once. Having it at Hungry Bear Restaurant is the perfect place to stuff your face with it. Simple yet “safe” food for everyone in your party to enjoy (include vegetarians and those lactose intolerant). On top of the delicious curry, the theming is brilliant and is worthy of being in Westernland. Add this place to your list of “must eat” locations at Tokyo Disneyland!

As a side-note, I highly recommend eating at CoCo Curry which is a chain curry restaurant throughout Japan.

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