First Look: Inside Soaring: Fantastic Flight at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea’s brand new attraction, Soaring: Fantastic Flight, opens on July 23, 2019. Before the official opening, we were able to take a look inside the stunning show building and take a flight around the world!

Pro Tip: Soft openings may happen over the next week, but they are never announced ahead of time. With these types of soft openings, the attraction may only operate for only part of the day and the number of guests may be limited. It’s best to keep an eye on the wait times board and head there immediately if you notice it’s open.

Warning: There are lots of photos and video in this article. To avoid spoilers, why not check out our digital travel guide to Tokyo Disney Resort instead!


The Museum of Fantastic Flight

The Museum of Fantastic Flight celebrates the wonders of aviation and the life of Camellia Falco, inventor of the Dream Flyer and member of S.E.A. The building fits perfectly in the Mediterranean Harbor and teases the attraction’s story from the start.

Pro tip: tap/click the images for a closer look.

For more on Soaring: Fantastic Flight’s exterior, check out our video from when it was first revealed.

Inside the Museum

The mindblowing details just keep coming! With breathtaking murals, paintings, and hundreds of small touches which make the queue an experience in itself. Guests make their way through different rooms depicting the founding of the museum, how different cultures have taken flight, and the life and work of Camellia Falco. The story builds as you go, and includes a mindblowing pre-show (we were asked not to take photos or video of the pre-show).



Galleria (Preshow)

Sala Espositera (Preboarding)

Uscita (Exit)

The Ride Experience

The Dream Flyer ride vehicle

We can’t show you any of Soaring: Fantastic Flight’s ride experience, but we can say it truly is fantastic!


The Dream Flyer ride vehicle fits continues the story perfectly and again feature small details which lift the whole experience.

After take-off, guests fly through familiar scenes from the Soarin’ rides at other Disney parks, including the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, and Sydney Harbour. The visuals are crisp and the wind and scent effects create an immersive, but familiar experience. Then the dream flyer reaches a brand new destination, Tokyo.

The flight towards the Tokyo Tower, with the sun setting behind Mount Fuji is just awesome and would make a great finale. But there’s more! Suddenly we’re soaring over Tokyo DisneySea, with the lights of the Mediterranean Harbor below and fireworks over Mount Prometheus. Magical.

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