REVIEW: Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

There is no shortage of food options at Tokyo Disney Resort. With seasonal food and snacks there is something to satisfy anyones craving. Popcorn is a popular snack, so much so they are constantly rotating through different flavours. Recently at Tokyo DisneySea there was Cream Soda Popcorn. Now with the Summer Festival there is a new flavour to try, Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn. Here’s our review.

Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn can be found at Tokyo DisneySea.

The colour of the popcorn is deceiving, as you would think it would be orange. It looks like unflavoured popcorn, but it is far from it. The cheese flavour is very similar to that of Cheetos or other similar cheese snacks. What gives it that slight kick is the Jalapeno.

Do not let the Jalapeno flavour fool you into thinking that it will set your mouth on fire. In terms of spice it is very mild, but still gives the popcorn that little extra kick. Japanese food and snacks are not typically very spicy. For those who have tolerance to slightly spicy food will find this mild. If you do eat this quickly, depending on your spice tolerance, you may want an ice-cold drink to wash it down.

Jalapeno  Cheese Popcorn

Jalapeno Cheese Popcorn looks as if there is no flavour on it at all.


If you have tried all the other classic flavours of popcorn such as Strawberry, Corn, Curry, Black Pepper, etc. This is a welcomed new flavour to try. The cheese flavour is rather standard and the Jalapeno is mild at best. If you are expecting an explosion of cheese and spice, this will not be it. But if you want something that tastes similar to Cheetos with a mild spice, then this is more and sufficient.

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