La Taverne de Gaston Review at Tokyo Disneyland

La Taverne de Gaston is a quick-service restaurant in the Beauty and the Beast area at Tokyo Disneyland. As the name suggests, it’s Gaston’s Tavern from the film and is in the village area of Fantasyland.

I went and tried every food item offered at La Taverne de Gaston. I’ll tell you what’s worth getting and what’s not. Including my thoughts on the new churro at Le Fou’s!

Before we start, I want to clear up a bit of confusion.

Does Tokyo Disneyland have the Be Our Guest Restaurant?

Beauty and the Beast Restaurant La Taverne de Gaston Tokyo Disneyland Entrance

A frequent question I’m asked is if the Be Our Guest restaurant exists at Tokyo Disneyland inside the Beast’s Castle. Sadly, the answer is no. The only thing inside the massive castle is the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction, which is the best ride at Tokyo Disneyland.

Ok, now that’s out of the way. How is the food?

La Taverne de Gaston Menu

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-17

Left to Right: Berry Cheers ¥450 (US$4), Souvenir Case Extra ¥1,100 (US$10) w/ meal, Big Bite Croissant ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries), Hunter’s Pie (Beef Stew) ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries), Sweet Gaston (Dessert) ¥450 (US$4), French Toast Sandwich ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries)

The menu offers 4 main items to choose from. You’re able to order everything either as a set (fries and drink) or by itself. To my knowledge, none of the items on the menu are vegetarian or vegan.

I’ll tell you what food is worth getting. If you’re the video-watching type, you can also watch me stuff my face in the YouTube video below too. Yes, there’s also a Beauty and the Beast Popcorn bucket!

Souvenir Case

You’re able to buy this souvenir lunch case when you buy any of the set meals. It’s an extra ¥1,000 (US$10) added to your meal. It’s a cute souvenir that is quite useful if you’re someone who packs lunch! I use mine to store plushes because I have that many. This is also available at other counter service restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland.

Souvenir Case Extra ¥1,100 (US$10) w/ meal

Big Bite Croissant

A big fluffy croissant with a pork sausage stuck in the middle of it. What more do you want? Well, let’s add a bone in there for good measure. I enjoyed this more than I probably should have.

The croissant is exactly what you’d expect with it’s fluffy and flakey exterior and buttery inside. The only difference is there’s a sausage with a bone in the middle of it, which oddly works.

I’d get this again.

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-4

Big Bite Croissant ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries)

Hunter’s Pie (Beef Stew)

A meat pie with beef stew inside of it. It’s fairly simple in its flavour but isn’t as savoury as I’d have hope. The antlers on the pastry is a fun little touch to the aesthetic along with the fun packaging.

Would I get this one again? Probably not.

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland

Hunter’s Pie (Beef Stew) ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries)

French Toast Sandwich

The oddest item on the menu is the best thing you can get! You have two pieces of sweet french toast holding together cheese and chicken. It’s just as delicious as it sounds. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

While it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the other items on the menu, it makes up for that by being downright delicious.

If you get one thing on the menu, make it the French Toast Sandwich. Trust me.

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-7

French Toast Sandwich ¥1,140 (US$10) for the set (drink + fries)

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-6

Sweet Gaston (Dessert)

If you’ve followed along on YouTube or our many food reviews, you’ll know that Tokyo Disneyland has a love for mousse based desserts. While the theme with this one is on point, the flavour is a bit boring for me. It’s mango mousse with strawberry. While it sounds great, it didn’t take my taste buds on the adventure that the French Toast Sandwich did.

I’d give this a miss and get the Berry Cheers instead.

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-9

Sweet Gaston (Dessert) ¥450 (US$4)

Berry Cheers

Tokyo Disneyland’s answer to butterbeer is the “Berry Cheers” drink. It’s a mixed berry drink with foam on the top. It’s rather sweet but quite refreshing. There’s no “Le Fou’s Brew” here unlike the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-11

Berry Cheers ¥450 (US$4)

Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-12 Beauty and the Beast Food Tokyo Disneyland-10

Restaurant Reservations

As of September 28, 2020, advance reservations are required for La Tavern de Gaston. This is only done in Japanese through the Japanese website or the Japanese version of the Tokyo Disney Resort app.

Since the borders to Japan aren’t reopening until April 2021, I wouldn’t worry about this yet since there’s a good chance reservation won’t be permanent. It’s only to help control crowds at the moment.

If you do live in Japan, then you’ll have to create a Japanese Tokyo Disney Resort account and make a reservation.

Le Fou’s

I’ll preface this with that I’m not a huge fan of churros in general. The ones at Tokyo Disneyland are usually dry and bland, in my opinion. However, Tokyo Disneyland knocked it out of the park with the new Apple Caramel Churro.

As the name implies, it’s apple and caramel flavoured. It’s exactly as advertised and immensely satisfying.

This is sold in the small snack stand beside La Taverne de Gaston and doesn’t require a reservation. Simply line up to get your churro.

Apple Caramel Churro ¥400 (US$3) – Le Fou’s

La Tavern de Gaston Tips

The main room with Gaston’s massive chair is easily the most impressive but also the most popular. If you want fun photos do your best to sit in this room (it’s to the left when you enter into the main dining area).

The outside dining is nice if you want some natural light for photos. The inside isn’t lit well for photos (but it is well detailed inside).

Overall, La Tavern de Gaston is an excellent addition to the restaurant selections at Tokyo Disneyland. The park desperately needed more quick dining options with ample seating that wasn’t all in Tomorrowland.

The theming is on point and the menu choices are varied enough that most will find something they’ll enjoy. My only criticism is I wish there was one vegetarian option.

Beauty and the Beast Restaurant La Taverne de Gaston Tokyo Disneyland

You’ll find La Taverne de Gaston on the far side of the new Beauty the Beast area in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland. You won’t miss it.

What food item do you want to try? Let me know in the comments!

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