Last Day of Big Band Beat at Tokyo DisneySea

Big Band Beat is a big band jazz show held in the Broadway Theater at Tokyo DisneySea. Last year it was announced that the show will go under a “renewal” (an update to the show). The show started in 2006 and has been a fan favourite ever since. This is the first time the show is receiving an update.

I was fortunate enough to win the lottery to experience Big Band Beat (in its current form) one last time. The crowd was enthusiastic with cheers, whistles, and tears of joy. When Mickey came out on stage one last time, you would have sworn someone from The Beatles had entered the stage. Once the show finished, the cheers from the crowd was almost deafening. Guests are passionate about this show, and with good reason. The music, performers, and singing are top-notch.

I consider this one of the best shows at a Disney Park, which you should not miss. I am hopeful that the new update will bring new life to this already fantastic live stage show.

I created a short video of the last showing (technically I saw the second last show) of Big Band Beat.

Big Band Beat is under refurbishment starting March 20 and returns April 15, 2016. Which is just in time for the start of “The Year of Wishes” at Tokyo DisneySea! What do you think of Big Band Beat?

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  1. Jo Cowan

    We loved the show. We didn’t win the lottery, but were able to get a wheelchair spot, which was in the back row of the orchestra level and see the show twice. For wheelchair guests and their 1 companion, there are a limited number of spots available. It just needed us to show up nice and early and be patient. We would loved have video’d the performances, but no cameras allowed, which was such a shame.

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