LEGOLAND Japan Opens April 2017 in Nagoya

While this is not Disney news, this may impact your trip plans when you come to Japan. If you’re heading to Universal Studios Japan after your visit to Tokyo Disney Resort, then it may be worthwhile stopping in Nagoya, while on the way to Osaka, to visit the new LEGOLAND Japan. Which opens Saturday, April 1, 2017.

Here is a small preview of everything you need to know about Japan’s first ever Lego theme park. All information and images are from the official LEGOLAND Japan website.

If you’re planning a visit to LEGOLAND, let us know in the comments! If there is enough interest, we may add this to our list of guides in the future to help plan your trip not only to Tokyo Disney Resort, but other theme parks in Japan.

LEGOLAND Japan opens Saturday, April 1, 2017
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It’s recommended to buy tickets in advance. Below you’ll find the current prices and options.

  • Adult 1-Day Ticket: ¥6,900 (~$65 USD)
  • Children 1-Day Ticket: ¥5,300 (~$48 USD)
  • Adult Annual Passport: ¥17,300 (~$165 USD)
  • Children Annual Passport: ¥13,300 (~$125 USD)


Legoland is located in Nagoya — in the chūbu region of Japan between Tokyo and Osaka — and is accessible by train. From Nagoya Station (where the Shinkansen stops), take the Aonami Line to Kinjofuto Station (which is the nearest station).

You can take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagoya with ease by using the JR Rail Pass for tourists. Tokyo Station is easy to get to from Tokyo Disney Resort, with only one line to take from Maihama Station. Or taking a bus from the resort.



Legoland opens daily at 10:00 and closing hours vary depending on season, holidays and weekends. The park is closed on selected dates in June. Check the park hours before you decide on a date to visit.


©The LEGO Group
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The attractions at Legoland Japan are aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old. Adults without children are also welcome to visit this Park. Legoland features  7 themed areas:

  • Factory
  • Bricktopia
  • Adventure
  • Knights Kingdom
  • Pirate Shore
  • Miniland
  • LEGO®City

Factory Attractions

  • LEGO®Factory Tour


  • Brick Party
  • Build and Test
  • Cat Cloud Busters
  • DUPLO® Express
  • DUPLO® Play 
  • Imagination Celebration
  • LEGO® Creative Workshop
  • Observation Tower
  • Robotic Play Centre


  • Beetle Bounce
  • Cargo Ace
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • Pharaoh’s Revenge
  • S.Q.U.I.D Surfer
  • Submarine Adventure
  • The Secret Chamber of Amset-ra 

Knight’s Kingdom

  • Dragon’s Apprentice 
  • Merlin’s Challenge
  • Merlin’s Flying Machine
  • The Dragon 

Pirate Shore

Pirate Shore
©The LEGO Group
©Merlin Entertainments Plc

  • Anchors Away!
  • Castaway Camp
  • Splash Battle


  • Miniland

LEGO® City

  • City Airport
  • Coast Guard HQ
  • Driving School
  • Jr. Driving School 
  • LEGO® City  Police Building Experience
  • Palace Cinema
  • Rescue Acamedy
  • The Wharf


The Big Shop
©The LEGO Group
©Merlin Entertainments Plc

LEGO© fans can find a massive choice of merchandise and products in shops across the park. The Big Shop is one of Asia’s largest LEGO© Stores selling all kinds of souvenirs.

  • The Big Shop
  • Artefact Shop
  • City Shop
  • Heartlake Shop
  • King’s Market
  • Lost Booty Trading Post
  • Minifigure Market
  • Pick A Brick
  • Studio Store
  • The Corner Shop
  • Photo Shop
  • The Sub Shop


Guests visiting LEGOLAND will find a huge choice of food catering to all taste buds. Some of the culinary delights include Burgers, Fried Chicken, Pizza and Ice Cream.

  • Abominable Slushes 
  • Big Brick Stand 
  • Brick House Burgers
  • Chicken Diner
  • Factory Sandwich Co.
  • Ice Factory
  • Knight’s Table Restaurant
  • Marina Snack Shack
  • Oasis Snacks
  • PINO Cart
  • Pit Stop Juice ‘N’ Drive 
  • Walk The Plank Snacks


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