Limited Edition Duffy Costume Rack & L.L. Bean Totes

A Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary limited edition Duffy Costume Rack is available for pre-order (began July 20, 2016) until September 30, 2016.

This Duffy Costume Rack allows you to hang your costumes on a specially created hangar rack. What’s more, it creates the ability to store shoes and other accessories in the lip at the bottom and on hooks on the sides of the costume rack. At 20,000 yen ($190 USD) it’s not for all budgets, but a must have for any die-hard Duffy fan!

Also available are limited edition Duffy Totes by L.L. Bean.

Duffy Costume Rack

Duffy Costume Rack Duffy Costume Rack Close Up Duffy Costume Rack Shoes

The costume rack item is not available in stores and ships only within Japan. You can place your order at the following locations in Tokyo DisneySea (expected ship date is Janurary 2017):

  • McDucks Department Store
  • Aunt Peg’s Village Store
  • Galleria Disney

L.L. Bean Totes

Limited edition Duffy tote bags designed by L.L. Bean went on sale on July 20, 2016, at Tokyo DisneySea. These stylish bags are available in three sizes which feature Duffy and Cape Cod decorations. Priced at 16,800 yen ($160 USD), 14,800 yen ($141 USD), and 6,800 yen ($65 USD).

Duffy L.L. Bean Tote Small

6,800 yen ($65 USD)

Duffy L.L. Bean Tote Medium

14,800 yen ($141 USD)

Duffy L.L. Bean Tote Large

16,800 yen ($160 USD)

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