Little Green Alien Mochi Dumpling Review

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The dessert that everyone talks, tweets, instagrams, and pins about. The Little Green Alien mochi dumplings at Tokyo Disney Resort. A fan favourite while visiting the parks. Not only are they absolutely adorable, they are delicious too.

What are they exactly?

One question that everyone asks, what are these exactly? The outside is the made of mochi, which is rice that is pounded into a paste. Which is then made to look like the little green alien aliens from Toy Story.

Fun fact, the name in Japanese for the “Little Green Men” mochi is a play on words. リータルグリンまん which says “Little Green Man”. The word “man” in Japanese, is the word used for meat buns (which is a common snack in Japan). While these are not full of meat, they have sweet fillings (chocolate, strawberry, and cream). But, since the word “men” in English sounds very close to the Japanese word “man” (pronounced mah-n), they call it the “Little Green Man” (pronounced as “reetaru gurin mahn”).

Top View Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea

These little guys are not only delicious, but possibly the cutest dessert in Japan.

What is Inside

Each of the little green aliens are filled with different flavoured cream. The typical flavours are:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Custard Cream

Depending on the time of the year, the strawberry is swapped out for cherry.

Strawberry Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea


Custard Cream Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea

Custard Cream

Chocolate Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea



There are absolutely adorable and one of the most photogenic desserts available at the Resort. Not only do they look exactly like the aliens with their cute faces, the cup that it comes in is also worthy of keeping as a small souvenir.

New York Deli in Tokyo DisneySea also offers a Green Alien souvenir container to hold your adorable mochi.

My only complaint about this dessert, is I feel really bad for eating them because they are incredibly cute. I challenge you to eat these and not feel a little guilty for biting into their cute face.

Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea Container

Green Alien Mochi Container

How Does It Taste

The flavoured creams are delicious. You cannot go wrong with chocolate, strawberry, or custard cream (and some times cherry). The mochi itself is sweet and does not have very much flavour, they are the vessel to carry all that delicious cream.

Should You Get It

Since you cannot get these at any other park, and the flavours are pretty universally accepted, then you would be silly to NOT get these on your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort. You can find them at both Parks.

  • TokyoDisneySea
    • Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery
    • Food Cart Outside Toy Story Mania
  • Tokyo Disneyland
    • Food stands in the Hub

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