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Q&A Live Stream Schedule

Join me on a weekly basis where I host a variety of live streams! Ask me your travel-related questions for Asia. From Tokyo Disney Resort to the back streets of Kyoto to the dizzying views of Hong Kong. I’ll help you with your burning questions.

It’ll be a ton of fun, I promise! Let me help you figure out the best ways to plan your trip.

Live Stream Schedule

We offer both Instagram and Patreon exclusive live streams. Tap the times below to add to your Google Calendar.

Our Instagram live streams are 15-minutes where any Explorer can join! While our monthly Patreon exclusive live streams are a full 60-minutes where I answer and discuss tons of questions from Explorers.

How to Join Patreon Live Steams

Support me on Patreon to gain access to these exclusive live streams!

Why Live Streams?

We receive a large number of questions every day through our various social media channels and email. Due to the volume, I’m unable to answer all questions directly. Live streams allow me to answer questions for everyone to see. Chances are the questions you have, someone else is thinking the same!

If you need help with planning a trip I recommend our travel guides and see the other services we offer.


  • Instagram Live Streams are 15-minutes
  • Patreon Live Streams are 60-minutes
  • Due to time constraints, not all questions are answered
  • I reserve to right to not answer specific questions asked during the live stream
  • I may not be able to answer all questions
  • The live streams may be canceled or cut short without notice