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Magellan’s is a table service restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor Port. If you are not careful, you may mistake it for being part of Fortress Explorations. The ability to create this little corner of solitude in a loud, busy Disney park speaks volumes about the detail and design of DisneySea.

Magellan’s boasts a restaurant and a lounge named “Magellan’s Lounge.”

Considered one of the most upscale dining experiences at Tokyo DisneySea, we highly recommend you put Magellan’s on your “must eat” list when you visit the best Theme Park in the world.

Dining Room Top View Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Quiet, intimate, and stunning. Just a couple of the words you can use to describe Magellan’s


You feel like you are part of an exploration team taking a break from traversing the world’s seas for a much-deserved meal at a beautiful seaside Fortress.  The theming is flawless and blends perfectly with the Mediterranean Harbor and Fortress Explorations. You get the feeling of adventure and discovery before you step inside the gigantic doors (which will make even tall folks feel short). From the well-appointed Cast Member outfits to the amazingly detailed decor, you are taken away to a different world from the organized chaos of Tokyo DisneySea.

Ceiling Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Away from the hustle and bustle of DisneySea. The relaxed atmosphere is exactly what is needed after a long and exciting day.

Decor and Details

Immediately entering the restaurant (after you pass through the gigantic doors), you notice the not-so-subtle globe (pictured above) in the middle. It is arguably one of the most amazing details.

The lounge is on the top floor, with seats lining the bar. The restaurant is in the basement.

Once seated, you’ll find no shortage of detail to discover while you are enjoying your meal. From “candle-lit” chandeliers and light fixtures to cloth wall scrolls. If you have explored Fortress Explorations (if you haven’t, you really should), you will notice and appreciate how well done the theming is.

Dining Area Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
One of a couple of dining areas. A secret “cellar” seating area is hidden from guest view. See if you can find it when you visit.
Candles Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Simple yet elegant candles

Since this is an upscale restaurant, the table setting matches that exclusive feeling. But don’t fear being underdressed for the occasion – if you are wearing your huge Goofy headgear or carrying your Duffy dressed in a $120 costume, you will fit right in. Beautifully placed tableware makes you not want to mess it up by eating, so take photos beforehand.

Cast Members, once again, are dressed in gorgeous outfits which complement the theme in a very similar style to those at the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge – simple yet elegant.  The Cast Members offer you the level of magic and service that Tokyo Disney Resort is most famous for, so I will not go into much detail about it.

With all these elements combined, the sense of adventure, wonder, and discovery is consuming, leaving you wanting to jump on the next ship to sail around the world!

Table Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Simple yet elegant table settings.
Map Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
The sense of adventure and discovery is well-themed throughout the entire restaurant.


Lunch and dinner have separate course menus to choose from. Lunch is the cheaper option if you’re looking to save money. All course menus have an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and choice of non-alcoholic beverage. Dinner course menus come with a choice of soup or salad. And they top it off with all the bread you can eat.

Rice Bread Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Seriously, this rice bread is delicious and you can eat as much as you want. Try not to fill up on it though!
Menu Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Choose from a course set (which we recommend) or à la carte. Menu has English under the Japanese.

During our visit, I opted for the course menu “Magellan” which is ¥ 7,710. For my entrée I chose the beef tenderloin in roasted butter with red wine sauce. I also chose the soup (cream corn on this occasion), assorted shrimp and scallops (marinated), and for my dessert the creme brûlée.  Our table ordered a bottle of red wine (Pinot Noir), while I opted for Kirin Lemon as my soft drink (which I highly recommend).

Crème Brûlée Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Crème Brûlée is delicious and highly recommended.

Since it was a course meal, everything came out in waves. In between the waves of food, servers bring unlimited bread (with butter). I am not a huge fan of bread, but the two types of bread they served were perfect. One is rice bread (which was my favourite) and a miniature version of a baguette. Try not to fill up on the bread before you get the first part of your meal, and don’t be afraid to ask for more butter!

The soup and hors d’oeuvre were light and full of flavour. You may think, “Wait, it’s just cream corn soup!  It cannot be that great.” That is what I thought, too! But it was creamy and full of subtle corn flavour. The scallops were nothing spectacular, but the sauce made up for that.

Souvenir Cup Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
If you’re looking for a keep sake then the souvenir cup is perfect.

Now, as with many high-end restaurants, you are not going to get a massive slab of meat for your steak. So do not expect that. What you get is a first-sized tenderloin that is seasoned and cooked to perfection. I am not a fancy eater, but this steak is some of the best I have experienced in Japan. Tender, juicy, and all-around flavourful. While the portion size is relatively small (compared to North American standards), you are going to be on the brink of being full anyway because of all the delicious bread you are going to eat.

Beef Tenderloin Magellans Tokyo DisneySea
Beef Tenderloin is excellent and highly recommended if seafood is not to your taste.

After all that, dessert is still to be served (and more bread, of course). Usually, I am not a huge fan of creme brûlée, mainly because most places just do not do it right. I was pleasantly surprised with just how light and braised this dessert was.

Overall, the meal was flawless and surpassed any experience I have had at the resort thus far (yes, even the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.)

An authentic high-end experience right in the heart of Tokyo DisneySea.

Seasonal Sherbet Magellans Tokyo DisneySea
Seasonal Sherbet


Maximize your experience at this one-of-a-kind restaurant by following our recommendations:

  • Book your reservation in the morning for either lunch or dinner. If you are staying at an Official Disney Hotel, you can do this online.
  • If you are not a big fan of seafood, the Magellan’s Course Menu is perfect (aside from the scallops.)
  • Ask for the “Cellar” when you are making your reservation. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.
  • The refills on non-alcoholic drinks are free and are included with your course meal.
  • Order from the course menu.  It is expensive, but the experience and food is wonderful and you will not regret it.
  • Try the Creme Brûlée.
  • Eat all the bread you can.
  • Go for lunch to save money.


Simply put, this is one of the best table service restaurants out of any Disney Park. From flawless theming to an excellent food and drink selection – if you want to experience the pinnacle of Disney Dining, then you cannot miss Magellan’s.

Have you had the opportunity to eat at Magellan’s? Let us know in the comments!

All photos provided by Duy Phan Photography.

Dining Room Top Level Seating Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea
Magellan’s is a must-try when you are visiting Tokyo DisneySea.
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