Merchandise Update for Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort changes, updates, and refreshes its merchandise constantly. What is available today may not be there next month!

Here is a list of new and updated merchandise for Tokyo Disney Resort for March and April 2015.


These new and adorable Rapunzel items can be found at the following locations:

  • Harrington’s Jewellery and Watches
  • Town Center Fashions
  • Figaro’s Clothiers

Other Princesses

Not only does Rapunzel get a merchandise refresh, the other princesses do as well. You can find these are various stores across the resort.

Fun-Fun Fan Caps

These fun hats are found at Town Center Fashions and Figaro’s Clothiers for ¥2,800, unless otherwise noted.


Check out these great, co-ordinated outfits! Available at Town Center Fashion and Figaro’s Clothiers, unless otherwise noted. T-shirts range in price from ¥1,600 to ¥2,600, depending on size.



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