Mickey’s Soundsational Summer – Day 1 (June 18th, 2011)

Welcome to my soundsational trip report! This time Duffy is allowing me to write the trip report, he’s still a bit sunburned from the trip. Our trip mainly focused on experience the new attractions (Star Tours and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure) along with new entertainment (Mickey’s Soundsational Parade). Also watching Magical for the first time as well! We knew it was going to be busy so we planned accordingly. We did a total of three days in Disneyland Resort (June 18th-20th).

To keep in spirit with Mickey’s Soundsational Summer here is some great Disney music to tap your feet to while you join me on this trip report!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

We arrive at the main gates to Disneyland around 7:30am. We know that Star Tours was going to have a massive wait time and the Fast Passes would be gone relatively quickly. They let us enter the park around 7:50am. The Star Tours line was on the right side of Main Street and almost went as far back as the front gates. The start of the line was at the end of Main Street, so it looked worse than it actually was. We had a nice lady in front of us say the best way is to have one person stand in line and another go grab Fast Passes. That’s exactly what we did! Except we didn’t anticipate the line would move extremely quick. John grabbed fast passes but the line moved so quick that he couldn’t find me before I got inside. I had to ride this one myself.

Hidden Mickey in the Flowers!

The Happiest Place On Earth!

Didn’t get to see much of the queue area since the line was moving so quickly but they did have a huge screen playing advertisements to visit other planets for your vacation. There were also two droids that were there for comic relief. The new and improved Star Tours is a must do for your next visit to Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort (Hollywood Studios). They really out did themselves this time and it is top notch entertainment. The 3D was well done (I jumped a couple times and I never do that) and the multiple outcomes (56 in total) ensure that your flight is never the same.



Since I rode it myself, John was waiting outside for me with is Fast Passes. They were for 9:30-10:30 so we had some time to wait before we could ride it again. The queue was already up to about 60mins by the time I got out. I maybe waited 20mins total. If you want to ride with minimal wait time, get there well before the park opens so you can line up on Main Street.

Next we did two of our favorite attractions. Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. Both had very little wait times since most people were in line for Star Tours. By that time our Fast Passes were up for Star Tours again. Thankfully the FP line wasn’t long by this point and we waited about 10mins. We got to enjoy the droids and their comic relief this time.

Evening cleaning the sidewalk is full of Magic!

Now that we were done with Star Tours for the day (We’re not ones to wait 60+ mins for an attraction, no matter how awesome) we headed on over to Disney California Adventure to ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. The park was already open by this point so the line to get through the gates was quick. There’s a lot of construction going on so we had to walk around by Soarin’ (grabbed a FP while we passed) and Grizzly River Run. The park is going to look a lot better once they complete all the construction.

The standby time was about 15 mins, but it was long enough to enjoy the fine detail of the outside. My favorite is the shells they have in the cement. It adds that one more touch of detail that makes it “Disney quality” in my opinion. Instead of explaining all the fine detail, I’ll just show you!

Shells in the sidewalk on Ariel's Undersea Adventure

More Shells!

"Part of your world!"

The attraction itself was cute (especially if you enjoy The Little Mermaid) and the technology that went into the attraction really makes it shine. It’s a typical storybook attraction that takes you through the story of The Little Mermaid. How they made the hair look like it was actually waving around in water was impressive.

Once we were done we headed off to Paradise Pier to get myself a new set of Mickey Mouse Ears!

My Duffy Ears!

Then we headed off to Soarin’ with our Fast Passes and then had a quick bite to eat at Grill Pilots right next door. Once we were done with our meal we decided to head back to Disneyland and get ourselves a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain. While we waited for our Fast Pass we rode The Haunted Mansion (always a favorite) and Winnie The Pooh. Then it was off to Splash Mountain. The ride itself was great and we didn’t get too wet. But there were some kids on our log that were disrespectful, one of them threw a water bottle into the water at the end of the attraction and thought it was funny. I kindly told a Cast Member about the bottle and they said they would get someone to grab it.

Before we headed out we wanted to find the Club 33 entrance. It wasn’t that hard to find but it was a treat to just see it. If I had the money I would join that club in a heart beat (after being on the wait list for years once they reopen it).

The most exclusive in Disney. Club 33.

Club 33 Door

After all that excitement we decided to head back to the hotel to rest. We were planning on staying right until midnight so having a small break in the middle wasn’t a bad idea. It was nice to get out of the sun and recharge a little bit. Before heading back we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and I had my favorite cheesecake….

Reeses Cheesecake

After that we headed back to Disneyland Park and got ourselves a great spot for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade right on Main Street. It was the 6pm performance so they were going up Main Street this time.

The parade was outstanding. Music was top notch and the costumes and floats were something to see. I’m a huge fan of Disney shows and this had to be one of my favorite (besides World of Color and various parades in Tokyo Disneyland). I hope they release a CD with the music, I would gladly pay $20 for that.

Once the crowd cleared we headed back over to California Adventure to ride a few more attractions. We got went on Toy Story Mania, California Screaming (got there just before the closed) and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. As usual I won on Toy Story Mania!

Paradise Pier

Ariel's Undersea Adventure at night

By the time we were done all those attractions it was dark and it was time to check out elecTRONica and Flynn’s Arcade. I’m a huge electronic music fan so this is always a treat for me.

Out of Order at Flynn's Arcade

Light Cycle

After being rezzed into the Grid we decided to go back to Disneyland. We like to park hop as you can see. We decided to skip Magical tonight so we can get a decent spot for Fantasmic! While we were waiting for the fireworks to finish we rode the Matterhorn (we rode it during the fireworks and they were going off as we were zipping through the mountain), and Big Thunder Mountain (I love riding it at night).

We then got ourselves a nice spot for the second showing of Fantasmic! It wasn’t the best spot but it was still good. I’ve only seen Fantasmic! in Walt Disney World so this was a treat to see the differences! I have to say I enjoy the Disneyland version a bit more.

Once the show ended we headed right for Pirates and walked right on before the crowd got there. Wanted to go one more attraction before going back to the hotel for the evening.

Our first day in Disneyland was busy and full of new shows and attractions but it was well worth it! Star Tours, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, and Mickey’s Soundsational Parade were the highlight of the day! There’s still two more days of Disney to come! So please come back and join us on our 2nd and 3rd days at the Disneyland Resort!



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