Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina Review at Tokyo DisneySea

Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina is a Mexican cuisine counter service restaurant located in the Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea. This quirky themed restaurant overlooks the river with ample seating both inside and out, which is perfect for those hot summer days or cool winter nights.

With a newly renewed menu (and set meals starting at about ¥1,180), there’s plenty of choices to satisfy your taco and nacho cravings.

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Atmosphere & Decor

Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea Entrance

Staying true to the Aztec theme, Miguel’s hits all the right notes when it comes to the decor and atmosphere. Decorations are lavish and full of colour, which are spread throughout the restaurant. The best decorations are in the seating areas on the top floor, and on the outside, especially during the Christmas season.

Fantastic ambient music on top of all of this makes for a perfect combination of atmosphere and décor, something Tokyo DisneySea is well-known for and executes flawlessly throughout the park.

Salsa Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea Menu Board Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Interior Tokyo DisneySea

While the top-level boasts lavish decorations, the best place to sit is on the lower level on the patio. Why? Well, first, you are able to watch the DisneySea Steamer Line, and you can then wave to all the guests aboard the liner, which is something I love doing. In addition to waving to random people while you sip on your tequila (more on tequila later, I promise), if you sit on the shaded side you can see Donald Duck across the water at his character greeting place.

Outside Patio Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

Wave to everyone!

While the decorations overall do not feel Disney-esque, they fit perfectly with the theme of Lost River Delta.


Beef Plate Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

Beef Plate

Now, for what you all came here for… what’s good to eat?

In April 2016 the menu was updated with more options and more theming incorporating Donald Duck (which is never a bad thing). Their signature dishes come with a type of meat, rice, nachos & beans, and potatoes. The rice is shaped like Donald Duck, with a cute sombrero created out of a tortilla. You can order the set meal for ¥1,580, which includes a soft drink, or just the plate itself for ¥1,370.

There are three plates to choose from:

  • Combination Plate (beef & shrimp)
  • Beef Plate
  • Fish & Shrimp Plate

These dishes are bit more expensive than most other counter service restaurants, but are also fairly large portion sizes.  If you are not a big eater, these plates are fantastic for sharing.

Close Up Donald Rice Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea Tray

If you’d prefer a cheaper option, the taco meal sets are about ¥1,180 (which includes a soft drink).

These include:

  • Pork & Potato Quesadilla
  • Seafood Taco
  • Spicy Meat Tacos
Tequila Cocktails and Beef Tacos

Spicy Meat Tacos and Tequila!

Nachos Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

Food Display Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

Then there is always the nachos served in a huge sombrero, which is always fun. During my visits, I have had the Beef Plate and Spice Meat Tacos, both of which I would highly recommend.

The new Chia Seed & Melon Soda is strange at first, but once you get over the fact there are seeds in the drink it is quite refreshing. The plastic cup it comes in is also a delight.

If you’re looking for a cute souvenir, then the dessert with the huge Donald Duck certainly fits the bill (about ¥880).

Donald Case Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

My only beef (pun totally intended) with the food options are that they are not as good as the real thing back in the US. While the food is certainly delicious here, do not go in expecting it to be similar to Chipotle. Take it for what it is. A good rule of thumb is most non-Japanese dishes will have a Japanese twist to it in some shape or form.

Tequila, Corona, and Cocktails

Tequila Cocktails

Mixed Berry, Mango, and Lime

Nothing pairs better with beef tacos than a nice cold Corona (well, depends on who you ask), tequila margaritas, or a seasonal cocktail. If you want to pair these with your set meals, you can certainly do so. Instead of getting a soft drink, substitute a Corona for ¥340 yen or an extra ¥400 for the tequila margaritas or a seasonal cocktail.

I cannot recommend the seasonal cocktails enough. They change regularly and are almost always a delight. Check the park maps to see what is offered when you visit.

The tequila margaritas are a fun alternative to your usual drinks. While they are not as refreshing as a cold beer, they are certainly tasty. You get three small shot glasses with a tiny amount of tequila, so no worries on becoming intoxicated beyond belief. Each has a different flavour: Mixed berry, mango, and lime give a nice variety.


Chia Seed and Melon Soda Miguel's El Dorado Cantina Tokyo DisneySea

What do we recommend you eating while sipping on a cold seasonal cocktail?  Try these out and you will certainly not be disappointed.

  • Eat outside on the bottom floor where you can watch the Donald Duck Meet N’ Greet or the DisneySea Steamer Line
  • Try the tequila margaritas and/or the seasonal cocktail
  • Get the beef plate (the Donald rice is adorable)
  • Ample seating: Even during busy times, your wait will be minimal


Enjoying Tequila Cocktails at Tokyo DisneySea

I am quite happy with my tequila. Very happy.

Delicious food, fun theming, tequila, and a beautiful view on the bottom floor patio. What’s not to love about Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina? Give it a try the next time you are at Tokyo DisneySea and are craving a taco. While they are not the best tacos in town, they are tasty, and Miguel’s provides a unique and fun atmosphere to get your taco fix.

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