Milk Chocolate Popcorn Review

As part of Journeys with Duffy, a new limited time flavour popcorn is available at Tokyo DisneySea. Simply called “Milk Chocolate Popcorn”. Here is our short and sweet review of this new popcorn flavour!

Souvenir Bucket

You can choose to purchase a box of popcorn for ¥310 or splurge and show your Duffy fandom by purchasing the Journeys with Duffy popcorn bucket for ¥2100. Which includes a small bucket for your Duffy! I opted to not get the bucket, even though the small bucket for Duffy is incredibly tempting. I am holding out for an amazing Chip N Dale bucket to fill up with Honey Popcorn.

Journeys with Duffy Popcorn Bucket Tokyo DisneySea

Not only do you receive a popcorn bucket for yourself, Duffy gets his own cute bucket too!

How Does It Taste?

As a child did you ever have Coco Pebbles or Count Chocula? After devouring the sugar filled cereal, the last step was to slurp up the make shift chocolate milk. The popcorn tastes almost exactly as the milk in the cereal. It brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Now, the popcorn is not as sugary as those cereals but it comes pretty close.

Similar to other flavoured popcorn, the flavour is a simple syrup over the delicious kernels. Sometimes a mouth full of milk chocolate invades your mouth, while other times you barely taste anything.

Milk Chocolate Popcorn Tokyo DisneySea

Takes like Coco Pebbles and Count Chocula cereal!


Certainly a step-up from the Soda and Marmalade flavoured popcorn we reviewed early on. Compared to the regular Chocolate flavoured popcorn, I prefer the Milk Chocolate. Simply because the Chocolate flavour is too strong for my tastes. If you’re looking to relive the Saturday Mornings of your childhood, then this flavour is certainly not a disappointment.

Milk Chocolate Popcorn Close

Try this if you make it to Tokyo DisneySea this year!

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