Milk Tea Popcorn Review at Tokyo DisneySea

Popcorn is a popular snack at Tokyo Disney Resort. We have already reviewed a handful of flavours. Today we are having Milk Tea Popcorn. Which is found in the American Waterfront in Tokyo DisneySea.

Milk Tea Popcorn Cart

You can find this cart in the American Waterfront in front of the Cape Code Cook-off

What Is Inside

This one is rather simple, it is freshly popped popcorn and milk tea flavouring. The flavouring is similar in texture to what you would expect from caramel popcorn.

How is it?

If you are a fan of Milk Tea in general then you will find this rather pleasant. It is not overly sweet. After you are about half way through the box you do not really taste the tea flavour anymore but just sugar. So, make sure you have a beverage to wash it down with.

Delicious Milk Tea Popcorn

Should You Get It?

There are better flavours of popcorn such as the Jalapeño Cheese and Hunny. If you skip this flavour, you will not be missing much. Fans of Milk Tea however, would want to give this a try. Or if you want to fill up that adorable Duffy Popcorn bucket.

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Delicious Milk Tea Popcorn


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