Our Must Buy New Years Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort

If you’re looking for that uniquely Japanese Disney gift then the merchandise available during New Years at the Tokyo Disney Resort is your place to be. You can check out our previous article about visiting during New Years. There is so much to choose from, especially with 2014 being the “Year of the Horse”, it made for some adorable merchandise. Here’s our “must buy” New Years merchandise from the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Mickey, Minnie, & Friends in Kimonos

Mickey and Friends in Kimonos

Mickey and Minnie Kimonos Plushes at Tokyo Disneyland

You simply cannot get any more Japanese than this. The outfits are adorable. If you want a uniquely Japanese gift while visiting the Resort, then this is your number one “must buy”.

Year of the Horse Plushes

Year of the Horse Plushes Tokyo Disneyland

Normally, I’m not a fan of merchandise that has the year stamped on it. But these plushes are beyond adorable. Also, the year is stamped on the foot so you don’t see it unless you specifically look for it. Winnie the Pooh is by far the cutest one, don’t you agree?

Winnie the Pooh dressed as a horse for the Year of the Horse 2014

New Years Pin

Tokyo Disneyland New Years Pin

I am a huge pin collector, so this is a bit biased. But if you’re into Disney Pins then this is a must buy. The picture says it all.

New Years Vinlymation

Tokyo Disneyland New Years Vinylmation

Along with pins, I love Vinylmation. It’s so surprise that this one is also a must buy.

Mickey and Minnie Daruma Doll (達磨) Pillows

New Years Pillows at Tokyo Disneyland

Another traditional Japanese symbol turned into Disney Merchandise. In this case it is the Daruma Dolls. Cannot complain though, as these are adorable and also very comfy.

Year of the Horse Postcards

Year of the Horse Bullseye Tokyo Disneyland New Years

Sending postcards out for New Years is a tradition in Japan. It’s no surprise that there are postcards available. This one is obviously themed after the Year of the Horse. Our friend Bullseye finally gets his time in the spotlight!

New Years Omiyage Sweets

Japanese Omiyage chocolates at Tokyo Disneyland for New Years

Mickey and Minnie Omiyage Chocolates at Tokyo Disneyland New Years

Japanese loves their sweets and these were our favourite. Comes in a cute package and you can share it with your friends, or keep it al to yourself, don’t worry we won’t judge you.

There is a TON more merchandise that was available but these are our favourite. Out of the list here, which one is your “must buy”? Leave your answer in the comments!


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  1. Mandy

    Such cute merchandise! I will be heading there in december. Will the new years merchandise be available before new year or only after?

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