Nemo & Friends SeaRider Opens May 2017 at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that their newest attraction, Nemo & Friends SeaRider opens May 12, 2017, in Port Discovery at Tokyo DisneySea. This new attraction replaces StormRider, which closed on May 16, 2016.


Guests board a fish-shaped submarine and are shrunk to the size of a typical fish. They are then guided by Dory and Nemo as they go on an adventure through the ocean. The system itself is similar to the original StormRider.



  • Main show lasts for about 5 minutes
  • Two “rooms” each holding 122 guests
  • FastPass Attraction
  • Guests must be 90cm or taller to ride
  • Guests 3 years and younger may not ride

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Story 「ニモ&フレンズ・シーライダー」のストーリー

Finding Nemo Concept Art at Tokyo DisneySea

Nemo & Friends SeaRider is located in the Marine Life Institute at the heart of Port Discovery. Scientists at the Institute have created a substance called “Chidiminium” (チヂミニウム) which can conduct electricity and shrink materials. This new material is used to shrink—safely—a fish-shaped submarine with guests inside.

The submarine boasts artificial fish intelligence which allows it to think like a real fish and operate without a pilot.

Guests will dive into the sea aboard this adorable fish-submarine and meet marine life such as Nemo, Dory, and other marine life. Which leads guests on a thrilling sea-filled adventure.




Finding Nemo Attraction Opening at Tokyo DisneySea in 2017

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  1. TDR Explorer

    They usually run a Twitter contest (Japanese only) for early previews. As for soft openings, they never announce them so it’s entirely possible. If we hear anything, we will report on it.

  2. Theresa Brewer

    Was just there April 28… They had a soft opening…rode it twice….no spoilers…but soooo worth riding several times and trying different theaters! Sure hope they bring this ride to WDW!

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